‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 137: Will it suffer Chapter 136’s fate?


Fans are now looking forward to the coming of One Punch Man Chapter 137, and they are hoping it won’t take another month longer.

It took almost a month before fans saw One Punch Man Chapter 136, dropping on Tuesday, Dec. 1, after a long wait. Now, fans are quite afraid that One Punch Man Chapter 137 will suffer the same fate.

A much-awaited major turn of events

Saitama has been missing in action and nowhere to be found in the previous chapter, BlockToro noted. Blast, on the other hand, is only teased for a moment.

This only means that nothing major happened in Chapter 136.

Now, fans are eagerly waiting for something significant to happen in One Punch Man Chapter 137.

Chapter 136 recap

The previous chapter began with Superalloy Darkshine. He was curled up and shivering when Amai Mask and other Heroes saw him, Mice News PH noted.

He then told them that Garou had utterly destroyed him, leaving him to be just a phony hero.

In the next scene, Garou was in another place, but he looked severely beaten up. However, despite the injuries, he said he felt much better.

He even claimed that he was much stronger after what happened. Garou then made a declaration that to get rid of all the injustice and inequalities in the world; Absolute Evil was needed.

This, allegedly, would help people to look past their differences to defeat the evil. Garou decided that he would become this Absolute Evil to let peace and equality reign.

The scene then returned to Superalloy Darkshine, who other heroes tried to convince to return to the battle. Sadly, he didn’t want to move, so Amai Mask beat him up, revealing his being a coward made him angry.

This made Superalloy Darkshine realized that he had to be brave and join the heroes again.

Possible Chapter 137 release date

One Punch Man Chapter 137 is expected to be out on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021.

Yusuke Murata has been busy redrawing the manga, so there is a significant delay in the new chapters’ releases.

After Chapter 136 dropped earlier this month, the January release date is more probable, giving Murata enough time to finish the issue.

On the other hand, the raw scans will be out two to three days before its official release date. However, Murata has posted the manga scans on Imgur for free, so One Punch Man Chapter 137 spoilers may come out anytime.

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