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‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 139: Here’s how Tatsumaki, Psykos, Orochi’s fight may end


The fight that involves Tatsumaki, Psykos, and Orochi may finally be over in One Punch Man Chapter 139.

Yusuke Murata seems to be following the franchise’s webcomics version. So, it is relatively easy to predict what will happen next to One Punch Man Chapter 139.

Chapter 139 spoilers, leaks, and more

According to BlockToro, the new chapter spoilers suggest Psykos may tie up Tatsumaki before making her attack. This will give Orochi the chance to escape or fight back, knowing he is slowly getting weak.

However, there are also theories claiming Psykos may land her attack on Tatsumaki, but Genos will warn her.

She will then call the “cadres” to come out and face the S-class. Anyhow, it is also possible that after she lands her attack, Orochi will quickly synthesize with the remaining blood cells on the strike Tatsumaki is about to blow.

As the battle seems to immobilize almost everyone, Drive Knight will manage to escape with the sample in One Punch Man Chapter 139.

This scene then may end with a desperate S-class. Tatsumaki may gather all the energy she has left and land a killing attack on Orochi.

Orochi may meet his demise if this happens, and the cadres will make an appearance, just like in the webcomic.

Saitama’s possible appearance, plus other assumptions

Meanwhile, Devdiscourse noted Saitama might finally make his appearance in One Punch Man Chapter 139.

The previous episode teased the Caped Baldy’s arrival, and many fans are looking forward to it. If this pushes through, the ultimate battle may finally happen.

The fight between God and Saitama may become the major cliffhanger of Chapter 139. However, with Blast’s introduction, it is quite confusing who the fan-favorite superhero is going to face.

Saitama is maybe stuck in “some side plot,” as there is no way he can finish the “main villain” in one a single blow.

However, it is also possible that God and Saitama may not meet here, and the fight will happen some other time.

In addition, the mysterious box may also be seen in Chapter 139, while Blast and God’s alleged connection may be revealed.

Elsewhere, Drive Knight may betray Genos, as there is no way their union will work for a long time.

Yusuke Murata has yet to reveal when One Punch Man Chapter 139 will be out, but it is expected to drop on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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