‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 146: Here’s when Yusuke Murata may drop next chapter

One Punch Man Chapter 146

All eyes are now on One Punch Man Chapter 146 after Yusuke Murata drops Chapter 145 less than a week ago.

Murata has revised the manga’s chapter numbers after he failed to release Chapter 141. Now that it is accordingly numbered, the next one that will be out is One Punch Man Chapter 146.

So, when will it be released?

New chapter’s possible release date

Every time a new chapter is about to come out, fans wonder when the mangaka will exactly drop it.

It has been known that the famed manga artist is not following any schedule and will just unveil a new installment whenever he finishes.

According to BlockToro, there are theories that Murata will release One Punch Man Chapter 146 on Tuesday, June 1.

Given the timeline of the manga’s releases as of late, it does not take Murata a month or more anymore before finishing one chapter.

There is a usual, more or less, two weeks gap in between the manga’s chapter releases.

Murata himself revealed that he is now working faster to complete the series’ Volume 24 that may also come in June.

He can now finish a maximum of eight pages a day, surpassing his own record of seven, Comicbook noted. So, fans may soon get their hands on the new chapters.

Murata usually updates fans of his progress on Twitter, so he may reveal the new chapter’s release date there soon.

What may happen in the new chapter?

The side heroes are now getting acknowledgments, thanks to their bravery to fight the monsters.

Genos and Silver Fang took the forefront to help save Tank Top Master and Tatsumaki, per Spoiler Guy. Silver Fang warned Fuhrer Ugly that he had the perfect counterattack in his every hit, so he later dominated the fight.

Bang had also proven himself worthy of his position as a hero with his moves to defend their team.

Amidst everything that is happening, will Saitama finally arrive in One Punch Man Chapter 146?

Sure, the side heroes could take on the enemies, but no one could match Saitama’s power.

Blast and the Caped Baldy had a discussion before, so would they be fighting side-by-side this time?

Everyone desperately needs Saitama, so there is no better time for him to return but now.

The S class heroes are now at their limit, and there is no one to help them but themselves. From here, the theories about Saitama’s appearance emerge, and everyone hopes it will happen in One Punch Man Chapter 146.

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