‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 156 spoilers: Saitama to face God

One Punch Man Chapter 156

The fight between Platinum Sperm, Flashy Flash and Garou has finally begun, making fans eager to watch One Punch Man Chapter 156.

Saitama has finally made his much-awaited appearance and joined forces with Flashy Flash. As their fight against Garou and Platinum Sperm will continue in One Punch Man Chapter 156, who will come out as the victor?

The three-way fight

The battle against the three superhumans has finally begun, but the strongest of them remains standing on the sideline.

Saitama has now returned with Flashy Flash and is ready to face Platinum Sperm and Garou, Recent Highlights noted.

However, there is no major villain left for him to face with his strength. The top S-Class heroes have put their lives at risk against the enemies and saved their homeland.

Despite the injuries and deaths, they find comfort in knowing their country is safe.

Before the Homeless King took his last breath, he said something the God, who gave him the power of the light.

Zombie wanted to know more about this God, but God killed the Homeless King before he could ask him more.

This God had a massive body when he made his appearance on the moon. He even nearly covered the whole surface with his size.

So, in One Punch Man Chapter 156, there are theories Saitama will face this God as the latter makes its way to the Earth.

After Tatsumaki has made a hole pierced on Earth, it may trigger this God’s rebirth.

Chapter 155 recap, release date and more

Meanwhile, in One Punch Man Chapter 155, fans witnessed the face-off of Platinum Sperm, Flashy Flash and Garou’s God Form.

Garou managed to overwhelm the two without the sweat. With that said, many are now looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

One Punch Man’s release has been hazy since the very beginning. It usually drops new chapters every month, but sometimes it comes earlier or later than usual.

However, according to Omnitos’ sources, the new chapters are mostly released on the first or last Saturday of the month.

So, to calculate the new chapter’s release date, it may drop on either Jan. 8 or Jan. 23. Anyhow, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as the manga’s creator, Yusuke Murata, releases new chapters randomly.

As of this writing, the mangaka has yet to update if he is already done working on One Punch Man Chapter 156 and is already ready for release.

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