‘One Punch Man’ live-action installment teases the fight between Saitama and Genos

The Japanese anime, One Punch Man has yet again secured its future because of its upcoming live-action movie. Surprisingly, the live-action short trailer reveals Saitama and Genos fight each other.

The success of season 2 has resulted in fans looking forward to One Punch Man season 3. To top it off, Sony Pictures is reportedly taking in charge of producing the live-action movie. The Hollywood adaptation is now currently in the works, and will definitely be considered a big project.

One Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, a superhero. He can defeat all his enemies with just one blow of his punch. Thes story progresses as Saitama seeks a worthy foe who can bring him down.

One Punch Man live-action movie details

Because of its high popularity, it did not take long for Sony Pictures to take the initial step in expanding the franchise. The live-action project will be in the hands of two of Hollywood’s famous scriptwriters. Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, known for their work in Venom, will be in charge of introducing Saitama on a whole different level.

Furthermore, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner wrote the highly popular Jumanji: The Next Level.  On the other hand, Avi Arad and Air Arad of Arad Productions will be in charge of the development of the project.  The company is no stranger to superhero projects because Avi Arad and Air Arad of Arad Productions has produced Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men.

One Punch Man trailer reveals Saitama and Genos fight

The trailer, which is created by RE: Anime reveals the fight between Saitama and Genos. RE: Anime creator Nik Shaw stated,

“We truly believe that all animated content that is being translated to live-action should be created by fans for the fans. That is our mission statement and we want to prove to Netflix that we have the passion, vision and fan perspective to bring One Punch Man to the live action arena in a way that will please both longtime fans as well as brand new audiences.”

Based on anime series, Genos is the disciple of Saitama. Hence, it would be fascinating to see who will turn out as the winner. Although the fight is basically a practice fight, the two will give it all.

It appears that Genos is really testing the strength of his master. At the start of the fight scene, Genos has told Saitama that fight him for real. Saitama, on the other hand, did not seem to budge. The trailer definitely teases fans with Saitama and Genos’ breathtaking fight, jaw-dropping stunts. The fight will end Genos’ doubt on whether his master is truly undefeatable.

The trailer unveils Alfred Hsing as Saitama and Yoshi Sudarso playing Genos’ character. Sudarso can be seen in Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Hyperforce, and Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

One Punch Man live-action movie plot and release date

At the present time, Sony has not yet released any information on the synopsis. Furthermore, there is no release date too. However, the live-action movie has started its initial productions.

However, fans will be thrilled with the release of One Punch Man short to debut this summer.

Image Courtesy Of RE: ANIME/YouTube Screenshot

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