‘One Punch Man’ unveils a peek of the Tragic past of Tatsumaki

One Punch Man‘s new chapter goes into Tatsumaki’s flashback of how she eventually became a hero in the first place and her tragic upbringing.

Tatsumaki’s tragic past is revealed in the newest chapter of One Punch Man. In the past, there had been hints as to Tatsumaki’s upbringing in the series.

However, there’s always a mystery surrounding why the Hero Association’s strongest heroes are such a young person.

Regarding the entire ordeal, Tatsumaki has maintained a levelheadedness. However, other heroes like Child Emperor have been testing in the current battle against the Monster Association saga.

The newest chapter of One Punch Man explored Tatsumaki’s inner thoughts, although her fight against Psykos continues to put her under extreme strain.

Tatsumaki’s tragic life

Tatsumaki revealed her intense psychic power in chapter 135 of the series to fight against the ever-evolving Psykos. She then became exhausted and lost consciousness as she used so much of her energy.

Furthermore, the chapter then goes into a flashback with this loss of consciousness. Tatsumaki thinks back to how she eventually became a hero in the first place and her tragic upbringing.

The flashback revealed her kept in a scientific facility as a young girl. This happened eighteen years before the events of the current chapter. The flashback reveals a genetic monster experiment escape from the lab while confined to a dark cell.

Except for her, all the scientists run from the building. With her numbers being “leveled off,” they leave her, and they only wanted to save “subjects with greater promise.”

Sad childhood memories

Moreover, she gives up and makes herself ready to be eaten when the monster makes it to her cell. However, the number one hero, Blast, saves her.

Blast asks why she doesn’t use the full extent of her power when he introduces himself to her. Tatsumaki then breaks down in tears, knowing that she’s hiding it to get out of the facility.

She further reveals that her parents had sold her, and she feels like no one needs her. But Blast reminds the young Tatsumaki of her younger sister and says she should use her power to protect her family.

Tatsumaki then rouses herself back awake following this flashback. It provided the extra boost she needed to continue the fight against Psykos.


Image courtesy of Jung! ジュン!/YouTube Screenshot

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