One shot of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine, more than enough, says FDA

In a blog by the US Food and Drug Administration, it is said that one dose of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is more effective. It will not have any serious safety concerns.

This dose will protect against various diseases. This FDA report will take the vaccine one more step closer to authorization. Obviously, this means that there America is close enough to get the third official vaccine soon.

Reports of new strains of the Coronavirus are in the news every single day. An urge to get the new vaccine on the market is a significant need. As the cases are surging day by day, the new vaccine will meet the needs.

As of now, there any only a few vaccines available all over the world. Undoubtedly, some vaccines are very effective, while some are effective at 60-70 %. In addition to this, getting vaccinated will require two doses of any respective vaccine.

But if Johnson and Johnson will bring their vaccine, there will be a high chance of getting a classified vaccine.

What has FDA decided?

FDA has taken three weeks to calculate the data given by Johnson and Johnson. Talking about the clinical trials, the company ran it in United States, Latin America, and South Africa.

The vaccine was able to provide more than 80% effectiveness. None of the volunteers who was out for 28 days was hospitalized or died after having this vaccine.

In the USA, the vaccine was effective for 72 percent. FDA noticed this. The vaccine was able to protect them from severe and milder cases. In South Africa, the effectiveness percent reduced to 64 percent of the total.

In South Africa, a variant form of Coronavirus is circulating. Covid-19 vaccines, which are in consideration, don’t work effectively against it.

Even though the drop is worrying, but it is better than initial times. Johnson and Johnson’s company gave much less result in January.

The bottom line of the content

Remarkably, this month FDA still reported better reports about Johnson and Johnson company. In that period, the company was only able to give 58 percent effectiveness.

Now, according to the data given by FDA, this vaccine will even prevent asymptomatic infections. Asymptomatic symptoms are those symptoms in which people have the virus, but they don’t show any signs.

In the clinical trial, the company was able to check 1000 people. They were checked after 71 days to see that whether they have antibodies.

If they had antibodies, they might have been infected by the virus. Out of those 1000 people, only two had antibodies. Notably, 16 people were able to get a placebo shot in this case.


Image courtesy of Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

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