OnePlus 8 Pro cameras have see-through powers on certain plastics

OnePlus 8 Pro cameras have see-through powers on certain plastics

OnePlus 8 Pro camera can apparently see through certain types of plastics to reveal the inner workings of some devices.  

The OnePlus 8 Pro, which debuted last April, was met with mixed emotions from long time fans and those anticipating to join the bandwagon. Some were happy that OnePlus brought its A-game with the powerful phone. Many were disappointed because of the pricing scheme.

Nevertheless, the phone is undeniably on the flagship category for all intents and purposes. One surprising feature not announced by the company was the power of its camera that is not available in other flagship phones.

Color filter camera can see through certain plastic

Some users of the OnePlus 8 Pro discovered that the color filter setting of the camera can actually see through hard plastic casings. The filter washes out the filtered color to reveal the inner configurations of certain hard plastic casings.

It’s very easy to turn on the superman like powers of the phone. The user just has to launch the camera app and switch the color setting to Photocrom. Instantly, the user will be able to see through certain hard plastic casings. The camera setting will work as long as the hard-plastic casings don’t have any infrared shielding.

The technology isn’t actually new, but it definitely sets the camera of the OnePlus 8 Pro apart from other flagship phones in the market

OnePlus 8 launch day

OnePlus had to cancel their live event scheduled in Brooklyn. Instead, they decided to a completely online launch.

The decision was expected because the company had to walk on tightrope to balance the grand launch of the phone and the situation happening in New York then. As such, the company also had to forego the usual afterparty celebration on the launch day.

Nevertheless, the online viewership of the event was still relatively high even without the fanfare of the physical event.

OnePlus joins the big league

OnePlus built its name and present success with a cult like following from Android users tired of the same old Samsung devices. The company promised two things for their phones. First, affordable price. Second, flagship killer specs. All phones launched before the One Plus 8 Pro were priced at 20 to 30% lower than the flagship phones of the Samsung and Apple.

This year, they join the big leagues when they raised the price of the Pro model. The company justifies the price increase because of the 5G capabilities and the additional camera lenses available on the phone.

The fans aren’t buying the narrative, and it remains to be seen how the price movement will affect OnePlus’ actual sales in the months to come.

Image courtesy of OnePlus

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