OnePlus and ‘Fortnite’ team up to introduce new Creative Island game modes

OnePlus and Fortnite team up to introduce new ways to play in Creative Island

New Creative Island game modes added as part of OnePlus and Epic Games’ Fortnite ongoing partnership.

Creative Island is one of the three major game modes in Epic Games’ hugely successful Fortnite. The game, in which players are given complete freedom to customize everything within the game on an island, can also create custom maps and games like battle arenas, platforming challenges, racing courses, and much more.

As part of OnePlus and Epic Games’ progressive partnership, they have launched their own Creative Island dubbed “90” that allows players to compete with each other on various mini-games found on the island.

Five fun and challenging quick play mini-games

The first game mode in Creative Island 90 is Color Dash, in which players are required to color as many tiles as they toss Boogie Bombs at each other while trying to overcome extreme horizontal gravitational forces.

We also have TNT Run, in which players erase the ground from underneath each other while trying to stay above and avoiding falling themselves.

Skydive Shootout is a free-falling mini-game in Creative Island 90, in which players compete to pass through as many hoops as possible on the way down.

Target Practice is a shooting gallery with several zombies placed at different locations, and players need to shoot everything down in the time allotted. 

Lastly, we get Lava Escape, a new twist to the classic “the floor is lava,” which has players run away and avoid a steadily rising pool of lava.

Creative Island and why it’s called 90

Fortnite mobile has pushed the boundaries of mobile gaming by running at a whopping 90 frames per second (fps) on OnePlus 8. The ongoing partnership between OnePlus and Epic Games made this huge leap for mobile gaming a possibility.

Before this collaboration, Fortnite mobile capped at 60fps. The frames-per-second count affects the smoothness of the gameplay and responsiveness of the controls, and at 90fps, it’s the smoothest that Fortnite on mobile has achieved.

For comparison, Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch only runs at 30fps, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions cap out at 60fps. The PS4 and Xbox One version of Fortnite still render at higher graphics quality and uses up more power to run consistently, so the OnePlus 8 running Fortnite at 90fps does not mean that it has better hardware than the powerhouse consoles.

A more riveting gameplay experience

In addition to the 90fps gameplay provided by the OnePlus 8, each of the Creative Island’s mini-games are clocked to run at about 90 seconds each game. This time limit makes the competition fast and furious, and overall very exhilarating gameplay experience.

While mobile gaming still isn’t on par with the level of dedicated gaming consoles, the collaboration between Epic Games and OnePlus has paved the way for mobile gaming to be a competitive games platform. And the Creative Island is among the best ways to experience 90fps gameplay in Fortnite using the OnePlus 8 or the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Players can start competing with each other on Creative Island 90 when it goes live on May 29 at 10 AM eastern time.

Image used courtesy of OnePlus/YouTube Screenshot


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