OnePlus Buds colors revealed ahead of official launch

OnePlus Buds colors revealed ahead of official launch

OnePlus is launching the new OnePlus Buds today, July 21. But the company has somehow leaked the colors of the upcoming earbuds ahead of its launch.

The upcoming OnePlus Buds is the first truly wireless earbuds from OnePlus. It is set to compete with the Apple AirPods and other wireless earbuds from smartphone OEMs.

The company revealed the design and colors of the OnePlus Buds through official renders. The images came from the last OnePlus 8 software update. It is still unsure if the leaks were intentional.

XDA TV host, Max Weinbach, posted the upcoming colors on his Twitter account.

 OnePlus Buds arriving in three different colors

The OnePlus Buds has three different colors to choose from. Renders show that the device comes in white, black, and blue.

The white earbuds has silver accounts while the black earbuds has red accents. But, the most looking and eye-catching among them is the blue one. It is sort of a blue-teal color with neon green accents.

Lightweight yet fully-featured earbuds

This truly wireless earbuds has features that are standard for wireless earbuds. It has in-call noise canceling. Battery life is rated to last up to 30 hours with the included carrying case. The earbuds alone lasts up to seven hours of usage.

In-call noise canceling is different from active noise canceling. The former only works during voice calls. Active noise canceling works even when just listening to music.

The truly wireless earbuds available in the market are very lightweight. OnePlus Buds joins the group with just 36 grams including the carrying case. The combined weight of both earbuds is just 9.2 grams.

Another added bonus is the charging time for these earbuds. It will support 7.5W wired fast charing.

The total charging time is one of the fastest in the market. A 10-minute charge can topup the device for up to 10 hours of usage.

In comparison, the Apple Airpods needs to be charged for 30 minutes to reach 10 hours of usage.

However, there is no wireless charging capability for the charging case.

Sound quality-wise, 9to5Google discovered that there is a Dolby Atmos support embedded into the leaked APK. It might mean that the earbuds will have a rich and full sound stage.

OnePlus Buds colors revealed ahead of launch: White and Black variant


Comfortable for longer use

According to Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, the upcoming earbuds are made with comfortability in mind. The half-in-ear design is reminiscent of the AirPods but has more comfortable ear tips.

The OnePlus smartphones are great gaming devices. Hence, Lau stated that gamers will rejoice with the added Buds feature.

Lau stated that using the buds with a OnePlus smartphone activates the ultra-low-latency Bluetooth mode. This greatly reduces input lag and he claims that it will be similar to using a wired device.


There is no actual price posted for the device yet. But, OnePlus teased users through an Instagram post.

The short Instagram video has a “$XX.XX” written. OnePlus might price the Buds at under US$100 [AU$142].

Great truly wireless earbuds are often priced over $100. Having this pricing for the OnePlus Buds makes it more competitive in the market.

All images used courtesy of Max Weinbach/Twitter

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