OnePlus buyer’s guide: Everything you need to know about

OnePlus has hinted at plans to introduce more affordable smartphones after the Nord. Unofficially, there is talk of a Snapdragon 690-powered Nord model for North America.

Five years ago, OnePlus was barely a blip on the radar for general tech customers. Nowadays, the company is becoming a very well known brand as a global powerhouse in the smartphone industry.

OnePlus is also starting to branch out into other technology markets. Regardless of how they make their products, the brand’s primary focus is on smartphones.

Each year since 2015 it has released at least two new excellent phones. It’s also delivered several mobile-focused accessories, like headphones, phone cases, and other products. Various apps and services for phones, such as OnePlus Switch, are also manufactured by the Chinese tech company.

Aside from Switch, an app that helps you move your phone data to another OnePlus device, the company also introduced OnePlus Pay. This is a mobile wallet service application that’s coming to India very soon.

As recently reported by Android Authority, the brand has expanded out of the smartphone space and into other tech industries. In 2019, for example, it released its first television — the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus is working on an 18W Charger

OnePlus buyer's guide: Everything you need to know about

TUV Rheinland has, reportedly, certified a new unique charger. However, it is not a super-powered Warp Charge variant as usual for this brand. According to the latest leak, it will support more conventional 18 watt (W) speeds instead.

This might be a new hint that the smartphone OEM is working on its rumored foray into the entry-level market. Both the OnePlus smartphone and smart accessory OEM typically make a big deal of the charging technology for its great features.

So far, we’ve only seen two varieties of fast chargers from the company – 20 Watts (5 V, 4 A) and 30 Watts (5 V, 6 A). Keeping the voltage low is a significant feature of the technology as it reduces heat. This new charger is not part of the Warp/Dash family.

Budget-Friendly Smartphones Coming Our Way

OnePlus has hinted at plans to introduce more affordable smartphones after their Nord, which supports Warp Charge 30T. According to rumors, a Snapdragon 690-powered Nord model for North America is coming.

Aside from that, a chipset downgrade is also expected, which is why this phone might be the first-ever OnePlus device that does not use a Warp Charge. However, the 690 chip does support 5G, which will help hit an even lower price point.

Image used courtesy of Yasin Hasan/Shutterstock

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