OnePlus Hydrogen OS will ditch the Photocrom ‘X-ray’ capabilities temporarily

OnePlus will remove the Photocrom see-through capabilities of the OnePlus 8 model on the Hyrdogen OS.

The company will restore the feature once the privacy issues are dealt with. Last week, several Reddit users have discovered that the OnePlus 8 phones have been undersold during the launch event.

They found out that the camera actually had ‘x-ray’ capabilities that can see through certain thin plastics. In several videos found online, the OnePlus 8 cameras actually did see through certain non-infrared light-blocking plastics such as remote controls and Xbox controllers.

Some online reviewers found this feature disturbing, and OnePlus has immediately responded to the issue.

Hydrogen OS will get OTA update

OnePlus sent a statement regarding the matter over Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. The company said that it will be sending an over-the-air update to remove the Photocrom filter on the new phones. The update will be rolled out only in Hydrogen OS ran phones. That means users in China will not be able to use the feature once the update is rolled out.

We decided to temporarily disable this filter on HydrogenOS out of an abundance of caution about some false and misleading information circulating on social media in China.

The company will bring back the feature once the ‘x-ray’ feature’s privacy issue is sorted out. Apparently, the Chinese social media has blown the unusual feature out of proportion. Several users online brought up some false and misleading information regarding the camera’s feature. OnePlus will focus on updating the Photocrom mode to silence all critics and rumormongers.

Oxygen OS will not get an update

According to the OnePlus official website, the Oxygen OS will not be getting the OTA update. Oxygen OS is the international operating system for the OnePlus company. The company would like to focus its attention on the Hydrogen OS as the issue is bigger there.

Not many people actually use the feature as the camera uses the measly 5MP camera to capture photos. Several tech reviewers online didn’t include the Photocrom as part of their regular review. The photos that come out of the shot are grainy and have less detail than other modes of the camera.

OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds

OnePlus will reportedly have its own True Wireless Earbuds this year. The company will most likely release it with the OnePlus Z model. According to a tipster, the earbuds will look very similar to the first and second generation of the Apple AirPods.

Image courtesy of Framesira/Shutterstock

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