OnePlus is set to launch their truly wireless earbuds with OnePlus Z

OnePlus is set to launch their truly wireless earbuds with the OnePlus Z

OnePlus is reportedly releasing its true wireless earbuds in July with the OnePlus Z.

Fans have been anticipating the the true wireless earbuds from the company for years. OnePlus already neck deep in the flagship category in terms of specs and pricing. The company has turned a full 180 degree in its claim to success.

Previously, the company still got away with minor flaws on their phones. Fans were forgiving when OnePlus didn’t include the best of the best on their phones because of its low price point.

Now, the company has to be ready to be placed under the scrutiny of its fans similar to other flagship phones in its category for their upcoming phones. OnePlus is expected to release another phone this July 2020, and alongside with it is its first true wireless earbuds.

OnePlus ‘AirPods’

A well-known OnePlus tipster has teased that the company will be releasing its own wireless earbuds with the OnePlus Z. The tip claims that the earbuds is as good as true because the photo posted was based on the actual earbuds to be released.

The new pair of earbuds is still nameless, but it certainly looks like the first and second generation of Apple’s AirPods. It wasn’t long ago when Apple drew flack for their creation that looked like cotton ear buds. Unfortunately, OnePlus has to also be ready for a similar reaction from its fans.

The actual specs of the new OnePlus earbuds haven’t been leaked. At the very least, fans expect that the new OnePlus earbuds will have its own wireless charging case. Also, OnePlus users anticipate the earbuds to have superior noise cancelling features that will rival similar earbuds in the market.

OnePlus Z in the pipeline

OnePlus is making another drastic move in 2020 for the new company direction. Now that the company already has a powerful premium tier phone in the OnePlus 8 Pro, the Chinese company is set to release its own mid tier phone.

Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed, the rumors point out that the phone will be called the OnePlus Z. It will ship at a price point the OnePlus is known for, but the specs of the new phone will not be on the flagship category.

Instead, the OnePlus Z will compete with the likes of the Apple SE and the Google Pixel 4a that cater more to mid tier category.

Nevertheless, experts still foresee that OnePlus will do well in this category considering their track record for packing powerful features in a relatively low price point.

Image courtesy of @MaxJmb/ Twitter

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