OnePlus Nord latest update improves camera and display

OnePlus Nord latest update improves camera and display

OnePlus has released OxygenOS 10.5.4 for its devices. The OnePlus Nord benefits greatly with the camera and display improvements.

The OnePlus Nord has received four updates so far. But, this might be the biggest one yet. The latest software update optimizes 4K recording as well as a better display experience.

OxygenOS 10.5.4 full changelog

The OxygenOS update does not bring a whole lot of changes. But, it is great to see that OnePlus is keeping its phones updated regularly.

That being said, the latest software update is bringing these changes to the OnePlus Nord.


  • Gallery launch speed improved
  • Display experience improved
  • Red Cable Club (India) unable to join issue is now fixed
  • Front camera and background music pause issue is fixed


  • Video call quality improved
  • Lowlight selfies have better color accuracy and white balance
  • Macro camera update for more vibrancy and more color-accurate photos

Cloud Service

  • The issue on Notes syncing is now fixed (Indian units)

This software update is slowly rolling to Indian and global units. OnePlus Nord units bought in Europe will follow in the upcoming days.

However, there is an OxygenOS update app available in the Google Play Store.

OnePlus Nord will receive OxygenOS updates regularly

Better display and camera experience

OnePlus users may find the changelog vague. This is true, especially on the “display experience” aspect.

The company has not released a clear record of what users may expect on this update. Sure they announced that the display experience is better. But, it would be better if OnePlus has disclosed exactly what they did.

Luckily, the camera department has a better announcement. 4K recording is now marginally better with this update. The same goes for lowlight selfies.

OnePlus Nord is still fresh in the market. Hopefully, the updates come in regularly for it to compete well with the Google Pixel 4a.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of OnePlus Nord

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