OnePlus Nord officially confirmed with specs leaked


After months of speculation, the OnePlus Nord is officially confirmed. As expected, the phone packs high-end specs at an affordable price tag.

The OnePlus Nord has several moniker months before its official confirmation. Rumors claim its name will be OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite. It appears that OnePlus is going with a simple name after all.

OnePlus is known for creating powerful smartphones with high-end hardware. However, unlike premium brands, the new smartphones are widely praised for their affordable price tag. Moreover, these phones are also marketed quite exclusively and on a limited basis only.

Another exclusive model

As usual, the OnePlus Nord is expected to be released on a limited basis. Following its confirmation, OnePlus said that 100 units would be available for order by July 1. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has yet to confirm when it plans to roll out its new flagship.

As part of its exclusive program, OnePlus will release the smartphone in North America to a select number of people. In terms of a wider rollout, the phone will be released first in Europe and India. Despite this confirmation, there is still no tentative date as to when the phone will officially arrive.

With regards to its North America release, it is still unknown whether OnePlus is launching a beta program. Despite the attention given to the launch, the company did not confirm how many units will be released. Nevertheless, the company said that it would release new details within the foreseeable future.

Specs and what to expect

This is the first time OnePlus is releasing an affordable unit since 2015. The phone is expected to be released alongside its official flagship phone. The last time the company did this kind of release was in 2015 with the OnePlus X.

Regarding the phone’s specs, the company is still relatively quiet about it. Nevertheless, this did not deter the tech community from speculating about the upcoming smartphone.

The OnePlus Nord is expected to run on the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset. Considering the current tech environment, it will not be a surprise if the phone will have 6GB of memory. The phone is also rumored to be quite large with a 6.65-inch screen.

As usual, all these rumors have to be taken with a grain of salt until OnePlus officially confirms it. For now, the OnePlus Nord is an exciting piece of hardware that promises affordability. OnePlus is known for delivering its promises, and the Nord will not be an exception.

Image courtesy of rblfmr/Shutterstock

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