OnePlus releases a Google Pixel-like AOD alternative at root level

OnePlus releases OPAodMod, Always on Display function alternative

OnePlus now features an Always-on Display (AOD) function. The latest feature comes available for all rooted OnePlus phones.

OnePlus finally brings back the Always-on Display feature. The function now comes through an exposed module.

OPAodMod published recently gives OnePlus rooted phones an Always-on Display feature. The module provides functionality similar to that of the Google Pixel.

Former OnePlus AOD function was problematic

The company previously launched the OnePlus AOD function for its initial OnePlus 6 factory firmware. However, there were certain concerns and issues that arose.

The makers noticed that having a screen always eats up a huge amount of battery life. OnePlus then decided to remove it for review and innovations.

OnePlus Always on Display alternative

The OPAodMod, the OnePlus AOD alternative is fully compatible with OnePlus operating systems. It can go along OxygenOS and HydrogenOS operating devices.

The OPAodMod comes with a list of features for rooted phone owners to look forward to. It has a better Always on Display function as compared to the former OnePlus AOD version.

The AOD will keep running on the background. Yet it does not consume as much power as that of the former release.

Displaying the screen while on idle mode is optional. The screen displays automatically once the user raised the phone.

A user may also choose to hide the screen without pressing anything on the OnePlus AOD enabled phone. All a user needs to do is flip the phone or insert it in a pocket. The screen also disables over a set period of time.

The notification displays a view of the message for a short period of time. Afterward, the text view converts into a small icon to alert the user of an unattended notice.

Displaying the short message for a period of time or not showing it at all will be based on the user’s settings. The screen may be replaced with the display of the next alarm, currently playing music or the current weather.

The OnePlus holder has the option to customize the layout of the lock screen. The user may choose among the DVD screensaver, three styles for digital clocks, and two world clock styles.

How to add OPAodMod to OnePlus device

To enjoy the OPAodMod features, the user must root the OnePlus device with Magisk.  Use TaiChi or EdXposed with Riru Core, the latest Canary version since the feature is dependent on an exposed framework.

The battery heats up is not a major issue with the OPAodMod feature. It comes with burn-in protection and the developer works on reducing the battery drain.

Image courtesy of Mícheál Ó Foghlú/Flickr

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