OnePlus smartwatch is rumored to have circular design

Amongst the crazy amount of products OnePlus has launched this year, a smartwatch of the same brand is currently in the works, and rumors say that it could be a circular one.

According to GSM Arena, Max J. dropped a hint via Twitter on September 9 (Thursday), claiming that the OnePlus smartwatch comes in a circular design. However, the said tweet does not include any tested shreds of evidence that support the matter.

Max J. is a renowned tipster who hails a good track record of predicting technology products. But still, take these tips as a pinch of salt.

The suspicion comes as a shock for OnePlus followers because the brand is known in following the research and development of Oppo for almost all of its products.

Most of the phones and accessories, be it the OnePlus Nord or any other of its latest products, has an equivalent, if not, a similar offering to Oppo.

The speculation also comes as a shock for most of the people that follow technology, considering Oppo launched their watch recently in a rectangular shape, much like the Apple watch.

As of this writing, the leaks and rumors hinted towards a rectangular OnePlus watch, not a circular one. But, OnePlus has decided to go with the design language of another BBK’s tech giant, Vivo.

The Vivo watch suggests a circular design that is alleged to put on a glorious launch on September 22.

OnePlus watch: pricing and launch

For the time being, OnePlus watch’s official launch date is still on the works. However, there are high chances that the said watch will debut alongside the OnePlus 8T later this year.

On the other hand, there have been no hints or leaks about the pricing of the OnePlus watch yet.

OnePlus: other upcoming devices

OnePlus kept silent for a long while before launching the OnePlus Nord, but the brand did a fantastic job in marketing the specific device, making it one of the most sought devices of 2020.

Consumers can expect a similar level of marketing this time with the OnePlus watch, predicting that the product would at least make a name in every household like the OnePlus Nord.

Alongside the rumored OnePlus watch, there are also rumors that the brand will create another series of smartphones, making its initial availability in the United States. The said phones are rumored to go by the names of “Clover” and “Billie.”

 Image courtesy of Cls Graphics/Shutterstock

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