OnePlus teases Android 11 upgrades, dark mode and more

The teaser images shared on Weibo give us a hint of what to expect from the Android 11 build. One big change here is dark mode, which apparently will be “improved.”

OnePlus fans got their first glimpse at Android 11 this week, thanks to all the leaked information on Weibo. As the company announced an upcoming update to its China-exclusive HydrogenOS, new updates and improvements clashed the internet.

While full details of the update should be unveiled anytime soon, OnePlus spent this week teasing new features in their Android 11 update like an improved dark mode.

OnePlus teases Android 11 Upgrades

As reported by TechRadar, OnePlus is trailing a “major UI change,” an improved dark mode, and the arrival of an always-on display feature. These upgrades have been the most eagerly awaited updates for OxygenOS.

While the tease that OnePlus has dropped doesn’t give us enough of the actual information, there are a few hints in the accompanying pictures about how these user interface tweaks are going to look on screen.

OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau suggested in his tweet the new look of their much-awaited operating system. And according to the statement, it is going to be a “fresh” one. Also, the animation that is included in the tweet might point to an improved one-handed mode along the lines of the Samsung Android One UI look.

Android 11 is expected to be officially released out to the masses very soon. As rumors suggest, OnePlus may get its own version of the software out the door first. That makes sense since OnePlus has been working closely with Google in supporting the beta releases of the next OS version.

Improved Dark Mode and More Upgrades

A handful of teaser images shared on Weibo give us an idea of what to expect from OnePlus’ Android 11 gadgets. There are three primary parts of these teasers.

The first clue is the “Major UI Change.” It’s not totally clear what this means, but based on the image, it seems like OnePlus might be adopting a style similar to Samsung’s OneUI.

The second big change is the dark mode feature, which will be “improved” on Android 11. OnePlus’ teaser doesn’t give us any specific details, but rumors assume it’s the same “improved” dark mode that we saw with the launch of the OnePlus 7T.

Finally, the third info we have is OnePlus’ several designs for its always-on display feature. As seen earlier, there are some slick and unique designs that the company might include. However, it also suggested some more traditional options that play off of analog and digital clock faces.

Image used courtesy of XEETECHCARE/YouTube Screenshot

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