OnePlus to roll out closed beta testings for Nord devices

OnePlus is now gearing up for providing the major update for its Nord users, similarly as they did for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro series.

The OnePlus software updates have always come in a fashion that aligns closely with its ideologies, listening to what the people and users have to say. With the Nord devices, greater things are coming!

The brand has released major software updates in three stages; Closed Beta, Open Beta, and the Final Release.

OnePlus Nord: Closed Beta

OnePlus recently announced the registrations for the Closed Beta update through its official forum channel. One would have to fill a SurveyMonkey form to register for the closed beta update.

OnePlus has also warned the users that the update might require occasional flashing builds, resulting in data loss.

The primary purpose for the Closed Beta is for OnePlus to get a hold off the bugs and errors in the initial software update and give them a chance to work on them before the official update, or even before the first Open Beta is released.

Furthermore, the Closed Beta program is usually for the OnePlus employees and its community members’ elite crew.

The OnePlus Nord Closed Beta program is available for users in the United States, although they opted not to purchase the phone, according to a report by hot hardware.

As the name suggests, the said beta update is not for every user, and only select people would get the chance to experience the OxygenOS based on Android 11 on their OnePlus Nord before others.

Closed Beta: Requirements

There are specific requirements so one can be enlisted as a Closed Beta tester. As per OnePlus, they only need 200 users for the testing.

The brand claims that the forthcoming testings are the highest number of participators, but records show that OnePlus accepted an estimated 250 Beta program testers for OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 8 series.

Therefore, owning the OnePlus Nord is not enough to hope for qualification as a Closed Beta tester.

According to a 9to5 Google report, it is an alas to get accepted as a tester if one is an active member of the OnePlus community. Also, the user must be willing to send data reports to the company during their usage of the Beta update, keep the company in the loop should anything will go wrong.

Another vital thing is that once accepted; the tester will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the update to be made known to the public.

To apply, click here.

Image courtesy of Mr.Mikla/Shutterstock

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