Online petition gathers more than 2 million signatures for fourth U.S. stimulus check

More than 2 million people have already signed an online petition for the release of a fourth stimulus check on – a website that allows users to start and circulate petitions.

According to CNET, backers of the follow-up stimulus checks, including the petition’s author Stephanie Bonin, are now calling on the U.S. Congress for the additional pandemic relief payment. Bonin said Congress should “support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately.”

She also added that the regular checks should continue for the duration of the ongoing global health crisis.

The petition aims to gather 3 million online signatures that represent just less than 1% of the current U.S. population.

New stimulus plans

As of now, the White House hasn’t committed on a fourth stimulus check and hasn’t ruled it out either. Instead, U.S. President Joe Biden laid out two new stimulus plans.

These plans, along with the nearly $2-trillion bill from March, could indicate other ways Americans can get thousands of dollars worth of benefits or tax breaks.

This might include $3,600 per kid from the new child tax credit and up to $16,000 in tax credits for expenses that revolve around child care like babysitting and after-school care.

Continuing appeal

The Biden administration is pushing for two sequel stimulus bills for the current year, but neither proposal mentions a new stimulus relief payment at the moment.

The Democratic members of both the House and Senate, however, have expressed their support for a fourth financial assistance package that is rumored to bring $2,000 to eligible Americans. They have also shown their support for recurring monthly payments.

Meanwhile, 10 progressive legislators that include senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have appealed to Biden for the inclusion of regular stimulus compensations in his succeeding relief bills.


Image courtesy of Bloomberg Quicktake: Now/YouTube 

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