Online video games are losing its grasps on teenagers

Online video games are slowly corrupting the minds of our kids. And with the height of awareness, more are avoiding to game on the internet.

Online video games are a way to entertain kids and help them spend time socializing with their peers. This has been the content for a long time now. But the recent rise in action and gore visualization of characters portrayed in video games have raised concerns. Is it really for your good? Or are video games losing their gradual grasps from teenagers?

Dubai news has told that video games are an epitome of an industry that wants to profit from children spending hours hooked to their screen. Video games have been a part of our lives for 40 years now.

The old debate about bad gaming vs. good gaming is still ongoing. The fact that most parents overlook what their children are doing online is, in fact, a concern. Video games used to be fun, right?

Remember waiting endlessly for your Nintendo Switch to release Mario? Well, they are not fun anymore. Just a portal for cybercrimes, online bullying, and more gore actions that most children are undertaking.

The grasps are being lost for the fact that most passionate gamers are not finding genres to pursue. If you have heard about Stream or Twitch, they are video gaming platforms for young gamers to assemble and communicate.

While most of the video games released these days focuses on a single genre, some of them gradually shift towards drug abuse or nudity, and some of them are straight budgeted movies.

Online video games are losing importance to the new generation

The truth be told, online video games are no longer critical to most kids. Rather be it in the US or the UK, most kids are hooked to their smartphones. This is causing a stir in most countries’ socio-political state and centric around choices that parents allow them to make.

On the other hand, these games carry the past sentiment—most of the children’s games without any hard drive or motivation. You won’t find a single game where you have to chase goons like in the Max Payne series. Since video games are art, most of them don’t appeal to the senses or emotions anymore.

Video gaming is an art and a state of perception

What is and what is not a waste of your time is a pretty subjective matter. It all depends on how kids are looking to pay and what excites them. As video games are losing their grasps on firm contents, it can be hard to say when online gaming will make a solid comeback.

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