Farm sim ‘Ooblets’ to finally go Early Access “pretty soon”


Upcoming farm sim Ooblets will come to Early Access “pretty soon”. The title released a trailer on the recent Wholesome Game Direct that shows off the cute game so far.

Ooblets stayed in development for the last few years, with the duo of Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser. The game focuses on farming a la Stardew Valley, but with a twist. Players can also breed cute monsters and spend a good farm life in peace.

Glumberland started development for the game in 2016

The game developed by Glumberland made news in 2019. In an announcement, the duo team decided to make the PC version of the game an Epic exclusive. With an Epic Games Store exclusivity, the team got enough funding to move forward.

The team went on a development hyperdrive, allowing the team to move from a “studio apartment” to an actual game studio.

According to an update from the team last April, the team says they’re in “deep bug fixing mode and preparing for certification.” The additions to the game are starting to make sense, so the team has a near-complete game.

The gameplay of Ooblets seems very substantial in content, so players will enjoy every part of it. The game lets players start an idyllic farm life that they will cultivate, improve, and customize.

This premise takes many elements from standard farming simulations like Stardew Valley and even Natsume’s Harvest Moon games. Even then, players can enjoy more with Glumberland’s add-ons to the game.

Dance with ooblets and other trainers besides farming

Glumberland’s farming sim has more than punching holes and planting seeds in it. Players can customize their character’s general looks, clothing, and even hairstyle.

Gamers can also have dance battles with wild ooblets – small monsters that look like Pokemon. Players can also dance with other ooblet trainers, reminiscent of the Crypt of Necrodancer.

Players can visit a wide variety of biomes, plants, and characters too. They can even plant ooblet seeds and grow new baby ooblets for themselves.

Ooblets is a farming, creature collection, and town life game where you explore the world of Oob, participate in dance battles, manage a farm, customize your house and character, and collect ooblet friends,” said the title’s EPIC GAME STORE PAGE. “You can join the world of Oob while it’s still being created. We’re going to be updating the game frequently and interacting with the community to help determine the direction of development.”

There is no exact date yet for the release of Ooblets, but the game’s trajectory points at a June or July release.

Featured image courtesy of Glumberland/Youtube Screenshot



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