Open-world survival horror game named ‘Wronged Us’ have been announced for PC

Wronged Us is going to be released soon, and players can’t wait for the update!

Wronged Us is an open-world survival horror game produced by Green Hell Studios, which is launching on Steam. It was originally issued in December 2015 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The story of the game has been compared to having more similarities to Left 4 Dead than Amnesia.

How is the gameplay of this new series?

Gameplay-wise, Wronged Us is similar to Left 4 Dead 2 but with survival horror elements mixed in instead of being a first-person shooter. The player will be able to choose between three different protagonists with three different skill sets that can be swapped out on the fly for easier gameplay or replayability.

The game’s plot premise is that people are mysteriously disappearing in the Alaskan wilderness. You play as one of three protagonists, with the option to choose between three different characters in-game.

The game is set in the year 2030. The game’s character models and graphics are reminiscent of Silent Hill. The player has the choice to explore the world alone or with another player, who can serve as a guide or best friend. There is also an AI-controlled ally called the “Echo” that allows for multiplayer co-op play.

What do the developers promise in the coming years?

Wronged Us was originally scheduled for release soon on Steam and consoles and handled by publisher and developer Delusional Studio. A year after it was first announced, Wronged Us was pushed forward to be released to Steam in October, to PC only. Why this decision was made is unclear, but we do know that it wasn’t because of any technical issues.

The game also features in-game items ranging from UV lights to night vision goggles, with crafting and skills included in the game with limited inventory space that can be expanded upon unlocking achievements or by purchasing additional space with real currency.

Delusional Studio has said that the new game is going to touch every single major point. The core gameplay of Wronged Us will be very similar, but there is also going to be a variety of different events. For instance, sometimes the weather may change instead of the Infected spawning. There will also be a variety of new characters or antagonists that can make it hard for the player to complete the game.

Wronged Us has been praised due to its mixture of horror and action, as well as a variety of different skill sets that can help the player decide how they want to play. The game has been compared to Left 4 Dead 2 by IGN, who said that it had more similarities with Left 4 Dead than Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Wronged Us was originally seen as a survival horror game, but it has proved to be more action-oriented than expected.


Image courtesy of MathChief – The Best of Gaming!/YouTube

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