Optimus Prime toy worth $700 can transform all on its own

Transformers’ Optimus Prime toy converts by itself from a driving truck to a marching robot and holds weapon materials for the battle fight.

Hasbro’s Transformers Optimus Prime playthings become more complicated. They also have an important role in increasing an utterly immense strain to remodel from car to robot and back again. 

Hasbro is ultimately fixing that predicament. Not by making the toys more straightforward, but by advancing them a lot more complex. It is also costly in the form of its new $700 Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot.

The strength of accurate robotics technology can actually transform all by itself. The toy contains 27 servo motors and can control or transferred with the help of a mobile app.

The integrated speakers and microphones allow classical sound effects can  explore through voice commands such as the classic “Roll out!”

In its complexity, the current transformer is almost amazing. Hasbro said that the 19″ number contains around 5,000 parts, 27 proprietary servo engines, and 60 microchips for automatic transformation. In addition to the smartphone app, the new Optimus Prime Tool offers voice commands that allow the owner to monitor or push the transforming operation by screaming “removing” or “converting,” for example.

‘Transformers’ Optimus Prime toy Price

The downfall to becoming the first transformer that would turn itself, you know, is the eye-watering price — the latest Optimus Prime robot could best battle real deceptions for Earth’s save at $700.

As Polygon has pointed out, the latest model is now being developed in collaboration with Robosen Robotics, which has been producing motor robots that look transformer for years. The recent partnership with Hasbro offers Robosen the opportunity to add their expertise instead of look-alike to an official transformer.

When the toys grow more sophisticated, transformational toys are not upset that they will ultimately evolve into robots. In 1984 Hasbro started making Transformers and was quickly struck, soon joined in the first after-school television series, The Transformers, in the same year.

Michael Bay, who started in 2007 with Transformers, famously transformed the iconic toy series into a live-action film franchise. The Netflix series Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy is currently filming its own animated feature, which will start its third season in July. And Toy 4 helmer Josh Cooley, winner of the Oscar, expect to direct an animated big-screen tale of origin.

Classic Rollout voice commands

At the Friday celebration, Hasbro revealed their latest toys inspired by the upcoming Snake Eyes film Henry Golding. EW only saw the G.I. Joe Categorized Series photographs featuring the titular feature with the new sword Morning Light.

The Hasbro Pulse site also has a $699.99 pre-order for the Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Configurable Autonomous Robot. The order is ready to ship from August 2nd.


Image courtesy of CNET/YouTube Screenshot

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