‘Orcs Must Die 3’ all too familiar; minimal changes from predecessor

'Orcs Must Die 3' all too familiar; minimal changes from predecessor

Aside from Outcasters, Stadia Games and Entertainment also introduced Orcs Must Die 3 as their original title coming to Google’s cloud-based gaming platform.

Orcs Must Die 3 is the fourth installment to the action tower-defense game franchise. The first title launching in 2011, and the last one, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, unveiling 2017.

In general, the Orcs Must Die franchise has been well-received and garnered a positive community review through the years. Although, the last one may have flopped, per the gaming community. Nevertheless, Stadia Games is aiming to set the bar higher with this new installment.

Orcs Must Die 3 not too far from 2012 title

Per IGN’s YouTube gameplay review of the Stadia timed-exclusive, the game is all too familiar with Orcs Must Die 2 that launched in 2012.

The traps are reportedly the same, the types of enemy orcs are all too familiar, except with the added violet ones that are somehow still the same with its green cousins.

Orcs Must Die 3 is supposedly a redemption title to the not-so-successful detour title, Unchained. Unfortunately, this new one did not reportedly jump further apart from its 2012 predecessor.

Per Dan Stapleton of IGN wrote:

“I have to admit I was a little surprised at how literal that return is, though – so much of the selection of traps and menagerie of orcs is recycled from 2012’s OMD 2 that it feels like the kind of iterative sequel you’d get one year after the last game, rather than eight.”

For the storyline, it is said to be “the same goofy fantasy from the previous two games.”

What’s new to Orcs Must Die 3 then?

There’s the added War Scenario maps, War Machines, and two new warmage characters. Also, Robot Entertainment added in a two-player co-op into the mix, with players to witness quite the banter from the two characters.

Although GameRant notes that the two-player set up was seen in the second title installment, it is more prominent with the latest title.

With the maps, what Dan from IGN highlights is that it’s too widespread that the orcs have the option of going around the traps that players plant.

Although, there are no big surprising changes to be seen in-game, playing the 18 levels of Orcs Must Die 3 is said to be very satisfying still, which earned a seven-out-of-10 rating from IGN.

The game is now free to play with Stadia Pro. If players are still not convinced, other AAA titles are set to arrive in the cloud-based gaming platform.


Featured image courtesy of Orcs Must Die/Twitter

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