Ori dev Moon Studios and publishers raise $58,000 for charity


Ori franchise dev Moon Studios, together with other publishers, raised over $58,000 for charity. The money will go towards The Rainforest Trust to save 29,000 acres.

In a recent move, Moon Studios worked with publishers iam8bit and Skybound Games. They pledged to donate five percent of the proceeds from every Nintendo Switch sales of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

All proceeds will go to Rainforest Trust to establish protected areas and save more trees.

Ori devs and publishers making good on the message

The Ori franchise has always been a bold story of protecting the environment. Beyond its fun gameplay and enjoyable story, its message of preserving nature is a cool story. Now, its creators are standing behind their message.

In a charitable move, Ori creators and publishers pledged a good five percent of their sales on Switch. These include all e-downloads from the Nintendo E-Shop, as well as physical copies.

Initially, the pledge capped at a $25,000 guarantee – a significant and helpful chunk of money. Now, the companies will donate as much as $58,000 in proceeds to the cause.

Iam8bit co-owner Jon Gibson explained in December why they are pushing for this donation. He notes that, due to their games’ message, they must do their part to help.

“As its publisher, we had to make the critical decision of how to spend the game’s marketing budget,” Gibson noted in the Youtube video. “We decided to shake things up and try to make a difference with that money, so we’re trying something bold in hopes of activating players just like you around the world.”

Rainforest Trust a trusted charity

Moon Studios, together with iam8bit and Skybound Games, chose Rainforest Trust for a reason.

The charitable institution is one of the most active rainforest conservation charities in the world. Their track record is better than most, with millions of acres of land protected.

Meanwhile, Rainforest Trust has protected as much as 33 million acres of land through local partner organizations and communities. The charity is moving to push for more, planning to secure up to 50 million acres.

“Last year, YOU helped save the rainforest,” said the tweet from iam8bit. “During our Ori charity drive, we raised $58,000 for @RainforestTrust. That’s enough to protect 29,000 acres of rainforest habitat – a space roughly double the size of Manhattan!!”

Moon Studios and Ori’s success is well-justified, as they put their money where their mouth is. Ori’s message is doing more reasonable every day.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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