Original Xbox creator vies to bring Xbox games to the cloud

The original Xbox

The creator of the original Xbox, Seamus Blackley, has come up with an idea that, if given fruition, could see the entire Xbox catalog steam-able via cloud.

The “father of Xbox” shared the idea in a form of a tweet depicting what appears to be a new console. It features an X-shaped console made of mostly reflective silver components and a green circular object in the intersection. Conspicuously, a reference to Microsoft’s first video game console, the original Xbox.

An Old Design

Not to be taken as a new concept image, however. It appears that the displayed image is meant to demonstrate an old Xbox design. Seemingly with the purpose of seeing how people would react to it.

While the initial Twitter post can be ambiguous, the following tweet is more suggestive. In it, Seamus Blackley explicitly opens a question that strongly hints at an idea for a “new” console. Not as a variant of the recent Xbox Series X/S, but rather as a platform specific to streaming OG Xbox games.

“If there was a device that looked like this, that streamed and played OG Xbox games ONLY, would you desire it? Asking for a friend.”

Classic Gaming

Although a topic that may appeal to retro gamers, the idea of playing an OG Xbox game nowadays may be warranted. The idea holds especially true over titles that are not in support of any modern platform.

For instance, the Xbox 360 is only able to run 200 of the 1000 titles in the entire Xbox library. Meanwhile, both the Xbox One and Series platforms support only 40 titles. Altogether, all three platforms leave a large majority unplayable outside the original Xbox hardware.

There could be plenty of reasons why there is little regard to most of the Xbox’s games in its entire catalog. But the most pressing of which, likely, is the idea involving the Microsoft console’s infamously hard-to-work-with codes. Which, if anything, could be a reason why there hasn’t been a working Xbox emulator to this day.

A Likely Mixed Reception

Should the idea become green-lit, the reception is likely going to be two-fold. One is a group of people who is ecstatic at reliving the past with a modern twist. Possibly, expanding to include those who might be altogether new to the experience as newcomers. Another is a class of individuals who are dismayed by the notion that the console in question is strictly cloud-based. Especially affecting those avid game collectors who are expecting a re-release of the console rather than a recreation of a relic.

Image used courtesy of Janeb13/Pixabay

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