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Orlando Bloom stops flirting with Selena Gomez for pregnant Katy Perry: Rumor


Orlando Bloom had reportedly stopped his communication with Selena Gomez when his fiancee, Katy Perry, got pregnant.

Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez had been romantically linked to each other. According to one tabloid, he decided to end their “flirt fest” when Katy Perry got pregnant.

Orlando Bloom stops flirt fest with Selena Gomez

National Enquirer published a report claiming that Orlando Bloom was infatuated with Selena Gomez. He was allegedly getting “hot and heavy” with Gomez back in 2016. It was around the same time he started dating the Roar singer.

Gomez reportedly told Bloom to “lose her number.”

Then, a shady source claimed that Bloom’s fling with Gomez remained a “sore point” for his relationship with Perry.

“Katy was never comfortable with his friendship with Selena, but it was Orlando who cut the cord without any prodding,” the tipster said.

“Orlando’s a different person from the shameless flirt he was before got Katy pregnant, and he wanted to make this gesture because he wanted to show her he’s fully committed to their relationship.”

Bloom has reportedly been “ignoring” Gomez’s text messages. He cut ties with her after “politely explaining to her that it’s inappropriate for them to communicate, even as friends.”

Selena and Orlando rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the rumors between Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez. The rumor-debunking site pointed out the inconsistencies in the report.

First, it alleged that Gomez told the Lord of the Rings star to “lose her number.” However, it suddenly switched and claimed it was Bloom who decided to end their communication for his pregnant fiancee.

Second, it was not the first time the tabloid made false reports about the couple. In another report, it alleged that Bloom and Perry were having a shotgun wedding, which was not true.

Third, there is no evidence to support the claim about Gomez and Bloom.

Katy Perry wants Jennifer Aniston to be baby’s godmother

In related news, Katy Perry and Orland Bloom are expecting their first baby together. According to several outlets, Perry and Bloom asked Jennifer Aniston to be one of their child’s godparents.

The Friends alum was reportedly emotional, and she cried when Perry told her the news.

“Katy and Jen are very close. During lockdown they went for socially distanced walks, and spent lots of time catching up,” a source said.

“She is pretty chuffed about it as well and cried when they asked her.”

Both Perry and Aniston dated John Mayer. They also remain friends with the singer after their respective splits.

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