Orlando Bloom wants to take son away from Miranda Kerr, plans to relocate to the UK: Rumor


Orlando Bloom, allegedly, wants to take his 9-year-old son, Flynn to the United Kingdom with him, Katy Perry, and their daughter, Daisy Bloom.

According to Woman’s Day, Orlando Bloom, and his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr has one of the most amicable divorces in Hollywood. The exes have managed to make things work while sharing joint custody of Flynn.

Orlando Bloom wants to take son Flynn to the UK

But according to a source, Bloom recently expressed his desire to take his son with him to the United Kingdom. The actor doesn’t, allegedly, think that raising children in the United States is what’s best for his growing family.

“Orlando feels like the US isn’t a great place to raise a family right now. Between the wildfires in every direction around their Santa Barbara home, and political friction ahead of a huge election in November, he wants to escape to a quiet British hamlet to focus on his future wife and baby girl,” the source said.

The insider added that Bloom is already looking at cottages in Canterbury because this is where he wants to stay. And his fiancée, Perry is, allegedly, on board with his relocation problems.

Miranda Kerr doesn’t want her son traveling between the UK and the US

However, the insider said that it is unlikely for Kerr to allow Flynn to live in the UK permanently or even for a short period of time. And the fact that Bloom, allegedly, wants his young son to fly back and forth between the US and the UK is not something that Kerr agrees with.

“But I can’t see Miranda allowing that, especially while the pandemic’s going on. She won’t want her son being exposed any more than he has to, and international travel is about as bad as it could get,” the source said.

The insider stressed that Kerr loves Bloom, and she also understands that he wants to return home. But she and her family are in the United States.

“She can’t have Flynn coming back into LA carrying lord knows what when she has two other small children to think about. Flynn loves his dad and she can’t bear to tear them apart, but what’s she meant to do?” the source said.

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr rumor debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

It is unlikely for Orlando Bloom to be planning on relocating to the United Kingdom with his family. After all, Perry’s career is in Hollywood.

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