‘Orwell’s Animal Farm’ reportedly terrifying than most horror games

Orwell’s Animal Farm is one of the terrifying games you will ever play, with scenes of cutting your own thumb to killing.

If you have played Orwell’s Animal Farm, then you surely know how gruesome the gameplay is. The gameplay reminds me of Stephen King’s depiction of horror.

There are three levels of horror when it comes to Stephen King’s dissection of horror. The first is called the “gross-out,” the second is the “horror,” and the third is the “terror.”

Stephen King has said that when you come home, you want to check out an object.

Now imagine that a perfect substitute has replaced the object. A substitute that you cannot trust but surely will haunt you for the rest of the day.

Horror games are meant to frighten you

Horror games are supposed to take the breath out of you. This is what this horror game shows you.

Orwell’s Animal Farm is a new addition to the spree of horror games you will ever play. Mostly the genre that people play is just brainless zombies, jumping from here and there.

But Orwell’s Animal Farm brings a new twist to the horror genre. It has about two gameplays and two different choices which are given to the players.

It is either derivative to the power fantasies that you spend so much time hiding, and you will eventually find it boring.

Orwell’s Animal Farm tries to be cerebral, and this is what makes the game more terrifying. It joins a list of short games that come together into the long one.

There is a deep and unsettling experience when you play this game. It brings out all the unsettling experiences we had as a kid.

More gross and gruesome that makes Animal Farm

While you play the game, it will appear gruesome and gross with every passing stage. In the first chapter, it is called Heavy Rain.

Ethan has to cut off his finger, and the depiction of the scene is done with pure details added. For players who have a weak stomach, this game is surely not a choice for them. Now here comes the choice.

While you are playing as Ethan, you will have to choose the right kind of tool which can help you to fix your finger. If you choose the wrong one, then Ethan will succumb to sepsis.

Animal Farm is a disturbing experience and a series of events that you surely want to try out if you are a horror game buff.


Image courtesy of Gematsu/YouTube Screenshot

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