Oscar Isaac reportedly in talks to star in ‘Moon Knight’ series

Actor Oscar Isaac has been tapped to star in the Moon Knight Disney Plus series under the MCU. He will play the lead role of Marc Spector.

According to Variety, early trade reports on Tuesday confirmed the news that Moon Knight has found its Fist of Khonshu. And it’s none other than Oscar Isaac!

The latest reports revealed that actor Isaac will play Marc Spector, aka the title character and Marvel superhero. The Disney Plus series is yet to go into production.

Interestingly, after X-Men: Apocalypse, the acclaimed star will return to Marvel after a gap of more than four years.

Meanwhile, as always, there’s been no word from Marvel Studios on the series’s casting.

Moon Knight Disney Plus MCU series plot details

Moon Knight is based on Don Perlin and Doug Moench’s character called Marc Spector. The show will try to tell Spector’s story, who’s an elite soldier and a mercenary.

When he transforms into the human incarnation of Khonshu, the Moon’s Egyptian god, he decides to fight crime.

In the comics, the superhero made the first appearance in 1975’s Werewolf by Night issue 32. He gets betrayed by his employer Raoul Bushman and is almost on the verge of his death.

When he gets approached by Egyptian moon god Khonshu, he is given a second chance to his life. And then he becomes the god’s avatar on the Earth. Upon returning to the US, he uses his wealth to fight crime as Moon Knight. His wealthy alias is popularly known as Steven Grant.

Most of the time, he is also compared to DC’s superhero Batman due to the similarities between them. They are rich and use their wealth to fight injustice and evil.

Upcoming shows under Marvel Studios

Disney Plus is packed with a big roaster of new Marvel TV shows and adventurous future projects. However, due to the impact of the pandemic, no new series has been revealed yet.

Although WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are ready to be rolled out, they will take a bit of time. Recently, it was revealed that WandaVision would start streaming sooner, hopefully before the year-end.

Many other upcoming titles are yet to arrive on the streaming platform, and fans are hyped already because they haven’t witnessed anything in MCU’s Phase four line-up.

She-Hulk, Loki, Ms. Marvel, a Nick Fury-based untitled show, and Moon Knight are highly awaited shows. COVID-19 has pushed them all in an uncertain schedule phase, and they will only come out after a long delay.

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