Other Nomura titles more likely than more ‘Kingdom Hearts’ on the Switch

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Following the anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory on the Switch, many are hopeful to seeing more titles from the franchise coming to the platform. Series creator Tetsuya Nomura claims that it might not be possible, but other titles he played significant role in developing could be.

The First and the Last

Upon its release on November 13, 2020, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory would be the first in the franchise to make it to Switch. As it appears, it might also likely going to be the last.

Nintendo Enthusiast had the chance to talk with the franchise’s key individuals, including Tetsuya Nomura. Therein they had a conversation regarding the possibility of more Kingdom Hearts titles releasing on the Switch. Which, naturally enough, comes with the idea of the first Kingdom Hearts title already making its way into it.

The response has been both a dismay and one which opens for exciting possibilities, coming from Nomura himself.

No Current Plans

As translated into English, Tetsuya Nomura was quoted into saying that there hasn’t been any plan of releasing more KH titles to the Switch. Which, as it appears, boils down to technical difficulties, pointing to the hybrid console’s relatively weak hardware than PS4 and Xbox One. Possibly, also suggesting that Square Enix, at one point, entertained the notion of venturing into broader with Kingdom Hearts.

The idea of porting existing Kingdom Hearts titles on the Switch and not getting optimal performance isn’t away from possibility. This is considering the fact that the game’s remastered versions did suffer from technical hiccups back on the PS3. Until only re-released on the PlayStation 4. A move which gave the games their wanted smooth performance because of hardware capability and superiority.

The same thing cannot be said exactly for the Switch. But it might entail some sacrifices to see a decent port of the games. Like, trading off visual fidelity for performance. Which is something we’ve seen first-hand in some triple-A titles that made their way to Switch.

An Interesting Hardware

Nomura, however, did not altogether cut off the chances of his games potentially seeing future releases on the Switch. Citing the console as an interesting piece of hardware. One that could indeed pave the probability of seeing other games with his involvement expanding into it.

While not in a position to speak for Square Enix, the game creator expresses interest in wanting to develop something for the Switch.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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