‘Outcasters’ sets the bar higher with its ‘Fortnite’-like .io-style

'Outcasters' sets the bar higher with its 'Fortnite'-like .io-style

Two Google Stadia original was recently announced during Stadia Connect, one of which is Outcasters which looks very promising.

Anything battle royale-like is now being compared to Fortnite. With the announcement trailer released for Outcasters, media outlets are now also dubbing the game as another title taking inspiration to that of Epic Games’ successful BR title.

How is Outcasters similar to Fortnite?

Basically, Outcasters is a multiplayer shooter game that has the general end goal of being the last one standing—survival. As seen in the trailer, that map does shrink, and the way it does is pretty amazing, with waves circling in on the map.

The game aesthetic is far from Fortnitehowever. But, how silly and bubbly the game is similar to that of the BR classic. Outcasters is set in a stylized vinyl world with adorable, non-human characters running around within the arena.

Per VentureBeatthe makers of this upcoming Stadia-exclusive “learned lessons from Fortnite,” specifically about “simple graphics” clicking more to the gaming community.

One important point that is highlighted is the absence of aimbot in Outcasters. Most Battle Royale players are quite familiar with this type of mod that is the greatest bummer of all in this game genre.

The media outlet quotes Splash Damage’s head, Richard Jolly—the developers behind the Stadia multiplayer title—saying, “There’s no cheating. You can’t put any aimbots in the game. It’s a much more balanced playing field, which is super-cool.”

Furthermore, Jolly gives off a fair warning to its players. The game might be adorable-looking, but it does have a very competitive atmosphere.

Speaking to EurogamerJolly warns, “The looks are somewhat deceptive, I think.”

He further noted:

“It can get super competitive, just the same as any Splash Damage game. Looking back to games like Brink, we had immense customisation. The customisation we’ve got in this game, I mean we’ve stopped counting. It’s into the trillions. You can change every little element on the characters. So, I’d say just go and play it. When you get your hands on it, you’ll see that feel is there.”

A next-generation .io game?

Aside from taking deep inspiration from Fortnite, VentureBeat further notes how Outcasters is appealing like a next-generation .io game, such as the hit web titles e slither.io and agar.io.

However, .io games are mostly 2D and the Stadia title is clearly 3D, with extensively promoting curves to its gameplay. Most likely, due to coins floating around, as seen in the trailer, characters in the form of pieces of vinyl can catch those by going towards them—similar to .io games.

Nevertheless, Outcasters is looking like a promising multiplayer shooter game, that will defy the laws of physics with its bouncing and curving shots. As of this writing, the game doesn’t have a release date yet nor a price tag.


Featured image courtesy of Outcasters/Twitter

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