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‘Outdaughtered’ season 7 airs first episode, Hazel has a boyfriend


Outdaughtered is back, and the Busby family is merrier than ever. Season 7 just aired its first episode, and Danielle and Adam continue to be a pair of busy parents to six children.

Outdaughtered has returned to TLC after almost seven months of waiting for the seventh season. Season 7 Episode 1 premiered on Tuesday, June 2, and it picked up on the events around February this year.

The first episode is titled “My Busby Valentine” and it covers the girls’ return to school, Hazel getting a “boyfriend,” Valentine’s Day celebration, and a fire safety drill.

Kindergarten situation

The first episode of Outdaughtered season 7 kicked off with the quintuplets’ return to school. Riley is in an older grade because she was smart enough to skip Pre-K. This caused her to be separated from her sisters.

Danielle and Adam were worried at first, but Riley didn’t seem to mind it. It turns out that she’s proud to be in Kindergarten while her sisters are in Pre-K.

Meanwhile, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker are in different sets of Pre-K. Since the girls are growing up, each of them has developed into their personalities.

Hazel specifically has become sassier, especially after revealing that she has a boyfriend in class. Adam said that Hazel’s boyfriend is a boy in her class named Graham.

He is the tallest in the class, and it looked like Hazel and he enjoy spending time together. Graham is no stranger to them, though, as Danielle revealed, they know his family very well.

At five years old, Hazel had a sassy attitude whenever her sisters ask her about her boyfriend. She would just tell them “so” whenever she gets teased about.

The Busby parents just laughed about it, though. The girls’ Uncle Dale even poked fun about it by asking Hazel if the boy had a Porsche.

When Hazel said no, Dale replied that she should pay attention to that matter. Hazel just nodded her head while the adult enjoyed the funny situation.

Fire drill

Aside from Hazel’s boy drama, the girls also had a fire scare. Adam talked to the girls about fire safety and what they should do if there’s a fire.

They were taught everything, so to put them to the test, Adam set up a fire drill. The girls were busy creating hearts for Valentine’s Day when smoke appeared.

Riley was the first to see it. When the fire alarm went off, they did what they practiced. Adam wanted to see if they took the lesson seriously.

The first episode ended with the girls having some fun with Valentine’s dance that Danielle organized for the family members.

Outdaughtered season 7 airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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