‘Outer Banks’ season 2 returns with more drama for treasure hunting

Outer Banks season 2 returns with emotion-packed drama for treasure hunting. Moreover, the cast and crew are currently shooting in South Carolina.

The first season ended with a mindblowing finale as John B. and Sarah escape toward the storm and come out alive. Lead stars Chase Stokes and Madeline Cline are headed off to the Bahamas to try to get the treasure back. Furthermore, EP Josh Pates teased that the first few episodes of Outer Banks season 2 will take place in the Bahamas.

Season 2 will be filmed once again in Charleston, South Carolina. The film still pushes through even though many US-based productions are under strict restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Series synopsis

The show follows the adventure of a group of teenagers called Pogues. John B., played by Chase Stokes, enlists his three best friends and leads them in the search for a $400 million gold treasure.

Their search for riches is stalled by a group of rick kids called Kooks. The show is an action-packed drama adventure as they seek to overcome obstacles such as drugs, love, fighting, friendship, and money. Based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings, the show holds an approval rating of 71% based on 21 reviews and an average of 6.72/10.

“Outer Banks” season 2 spoilers

As early as April 2020, writing has already begun for the second installment of Outer Banks. This was before the order for a second season was released. Meanwhile, the first season was dropped in on Netflix in mid-April 2020. Also, on Sept. 10, 2020, the cast and crew started filming on set.

Season 2 will most likely follow the life of the rest of the Pogues without their leader. They assumed that both were dead when their boat capsized during a massive storm. Unknown to them, John B. and Sarah Cameron were rescued by a passing fishing boat. Fortunately, the rescuers were on their way to Nassau, and they quickly realized their increased chances to recover the gold.

Some of the best theories posed online include the love triangle between Kiara, Pope, and JJ.  What will that kiss mean in Outer Banks season 2?

Fast forward to seasons 4 and 5

There is no talk about the renewal of the show for its third installment. Yet, Outer Banks’ creator revealed that the show is predetermined to run for up to five seasons. But that would be stretching things out a bit far. Back in April, Pates confirmed that he plans to run four to five seasons of Outer Banks for Netflix.

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