‘Outlander’ season 5 episode 12 spoilers: Claire brutally hurt?

With Claire appearing to be in captive, fans wonder if Outlander Season 5 finale be a cliffhanger or a definitive ending?

While it only feels like yesterday when Outlander started, avid viewers will have to say goodbye to the beloved characters for now. Outlander season 5 episode 12 will be airing this Sunday, and it will be the finale for its fifth installment. 

Outlander season 5 episode 11 recap

In the last aired episode, when the Fraser returns from William’s Creek, they came across a burnt cabin full of scorched bodies.

As they search the cabin for any survivors of the fire, they saw a burnt child that is barely breathing for life. When the group reached the Ridge, Lionel Brown met up with Jaime and invited him to become a part of the Committee of Safety.

On the other hand, Claire and Jaime also discovered that Jeremy was able to travel using the stones.

The news meant that Bree and Roger could travel through stones as well and return to the future. However, the couple still has to discuss their options, whether or not they should go back to Boston. 

The next morning, Roger and Bree traveled through the stones. Meanwhile, on the Ridge, Jaime, Fergus, Josiah, and Keziah heard an explosion not far from their location. When they reached the place where they heard the explosion, they saw a group of men taking Claire away. 

The episode ends with Jaime lighting the cross and summons his troops to rescue his wife. 

What to expect in episode 12

Now that Claire is held captive, the finale episode is going to be intense. 

The finale episode is titled “Never My Love.” Although it is almost clear in the title what will happen next, fans are still uncertain how the season will end. 

Based on the episode’s trailer, the final episode for this season will revolve around Claire, who her capture is, and how will Jamie be able to save her.

As the description of the episode entails:

Claire struggles to survive brutal treatment from her captors, as Jamie gathers a group of loyal men to help him rescue his wife; Roger and Brianna’s journey takes a surprising turn.

This means that Claire may be heavily hurt, and could probably be seen in the brink of death. Although Claire’s death is highly unlikely, knowing that the

As to the ending, it may be leaning towards a cliffhanger instead. While the episode description highlights Roger and Brianna’s “surprising turn,” with the two finally able to journey through time, what they might discover will likely keep viewers thinking of possible theories until Season 6.

Catch Outlander Season 5 Episode 12 this Sunday, May 10, at 8 p.m. on Starz. 

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