‘Outriders’ is PlayStation Store’s latest ‘Deal of the Week’

Outriders is PlayStation Store's latest 'Deal of the Week'

Square Enix now offers 25 percent off to own “Outriders” on all applicable platforms.

PlayStation Store has released its newest set of deals and sales for the week. For its “Deal of the Week” feature, Outriders takes the spotlight.

Comic Book said that the game launched with some “frustrating bugs,” as per usual with any other titles. But, in the last month since its arrival on various platforms, developer People Can Fly has already handled several of the significant issues within the game.

This is why the latest deal on PlayStation Store is said to be a must-grab before it ends.

Outriders as PlayStation Store’s “Deal of the Week”

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users may purchase Outriders for 25 percent off on PlayStation Store. From its retail price of $59.99, it now has a price tag of over AU$58.

As the “Deal of the Week,” the sale will only last up to May 27. Beyond that, PlayStation users may own the title for their consoles at its original price.

The “Deal of the Week” on PS Store is exclusive only to PlayStation users. Nevertheless, Square Enix is offering the same discount across all compatible platforms.

Over the weekend, the publisher of the game released its announcement on Twitter. The post did not say, however, until when the sale will take effect. It did point out, though, that the offer is for a “limited time” only.

It is “shaping up to be Square Enix’s next major franchise”

Outriders initially launched on April 1. Since then, the title has reportedly received a mixed reception.

Gematsu recently released a report, however, detailing the positive feedback from the publisher, Square Enix. As asserted, the title is now “on track to become the company’s next major franchise.”

It is "shaping up to be Square Enix's next major franchise"

This comes after the game has reached “initial success” during its first month, according to the publisher’s press release. Speaking before the public, Jon Brooke claimed that the success comes as over 3.5 million unique individuals have already played the game.

Also, the studio co-head claimed that the average playing time is now seeing a figure of over 30 hours. Accordingly, excitement is reportedly apparent among the teams over at Square Enix and People Can Fly.

Other deals and sales on PlayStation Store

Meanwhile, PlayStation Store is offering several sales apart from its “Deal of the Week” feature. Push Square said that the event has no name but, they are seeing a sale that focuses on “retro titles and remasters.

Apart from Outriders, the other game titles that are on sale this week include One Escape, Twin Robot: Ultimate Edition, Streets of Rage 4, and Crysis Remastered. The discounts will reportedly end on June 2.

Images courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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