‘Overcooked 2’ has another free DLC on its way


Frantic party cooking game Overcooked 2 has another DLC on its way. The free update will come with what seems to be a Chinese autumn add-on.

Overcooked 2 is a gift that keeps on giving, mostly due to their free DLCs. Right now, Team17 devs are teasing what seems to be a Chinese Autumn update. The trailer is almost self-explanatory, which makes the game more awesome.

Team17 teases potential Chinese Autumn update

So far, Team17 has added up to five paid DLCs for their sequel title. The game also has five free updates, all of which add some variance to the title. Almost every season, the devs are adding a special update that patches the game and adds more missions.

For this season, the devs released a teaser trailer of their upcoming update. The DLC will be free, which is good news for everyone who doesn’t have the season pass.

“There may be a chill in the air, but Autumn is a beautiful time of the year,” says the Twitter post. “Crunchy golden leaves, ruby sunsets and the sweet smell of woodsmoke drifting from your BURNING KITCHEN!!! A free seasonal update is coming to Overcooked 2 on all platforms October 1st…PREPARE.”

Based on the trailer, it seems that the next update will have Chinese cuisine and autumn inspirations to it. The likely scenario is that the DLC will be about the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s also called the Mooncake Festival in some locales.

More frantic cooking coming soon

The upcoming Overcooked 2 free DLC should be an awesome treat to players. Instead of the traditional Halloween theme, Team17 opted for a different festival. This move makes the game more interesting to play with friends and family.

Earlier this year, Overcooked added a free summer DLC called Sun’s Out, Buns Out. They have also added winter and spring updates, so there’s a theme going on. Even after two years, it’s great to have a game that gets consistent updates.

We’re not sure if Team17 will add more updates in the coming months. The game so far has a total of 10 DLCs apart from the original game. It’s already much bigger than it was when it launched.

An updated version called Overcooked: All You Can Eat got an announcement earlier this year. This compilation will come to next-gen consoles next year. It will combine Overcooked 1 and 2, but there is no information if it’s coming to PC too.

The next update for Overcooked 2 will come on October 1. More information will likely come out over the next few days or at launch.

Featured image courtesy of Team17/Youtube Screenshot

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