‘Overcooked 2’ pops new free DLC this weekend


Overcooked 2 is releasing yet another DLC this weekend. The DLC called “Suns Out Buns Out” will come out for free for all players.

Overcooked 2’s new content will be out this weekend, July 5, for PC players. Console gamers can expect it at a later date. Team 17 and Ghost Town games listed the announcement this Friday before Independence Day.

Suns Out Buns Out adds five new levels and a new theme

Suns Out Buns Out is Overcooked’s celebration of the summer. Much of the addition will revolve around enjoying the season and tasting its many flavors. In Overcooked, this means additional levels for players’ gaming pleasure.

The free DLC will include five new levels for chefs who are looking for a distinct challenge. Like many of its add-ons, these levels will play around its unique theme. The sunny holiday challenges never stop on their ground.

Players can also try a couple of dishes they can learn and master. There’s also the addition of new recipes, including an ice cream float and a summer salad. The new DLC also adds two new player characters to shake things around.

The new chefs are both dog chefs, which are super cute and reliable. Players who want something different can enjoy these two new characters. The update will also put back the sauce dispenser from the Carnival of Chaos DLC.

The entire Suns Out Buns Out DLC will be a festival. It will add summer parades, fireworks, floats, and a ton of confetti. The fireworks are likely another of many obstacles players can expect from the game.


Overcooked DLCs add a ton of superb content to the base game

Overcooked 2 is full of DLCs, and these not only make the game fun but expand it too. Every DLC adds its flair and flavor to the already enjoyable cooking challenge.

The Too Many Cooks DLC added five chefs, while Surf ‘N Turf added a tropical theme. Campfire Cookoff brought players to the great outdoors.

The Night of the Hangry Horde added 12 levels with a horror theme on them. The Carnival of Chaos is the last one so far, adding a ton into the gameplay. Suns Out Buns Out is continuing the tradition of superb DLCs for the entire game.

Overcooked 2 is on sale at the moment during the Steam Summer Sale. The hefty 40% to 48% discount pushes down the price to a little over $7 for the base game. For players who want the best value, it’s best to opt for the Gourmet Edition instead.

Images courtesy of Team 17/YouTube Screenshot

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