‘Overlord’ Season 4, Movie: Everything You Need To Know

Overlord Season 4

After four years, fans will finally see Overlord Season 4, along with a new movie coming this year.

The franchise officially announced the coming of Overlord Season 4 during a live stream special. It also revealed the release of a new movie based on Kugane Maruyama’s brainchild is in the works.

The new season and movie announcement

According to Epic Dope, the special live stream revealed the anime already received the greenlit four years after Season 3.

“Overload IV Production decision! The teaser visual has been released,” a tweet later revealed. “The staff cast will continue to be delivered by the members. More information will be announced at a later date.”

Fortunately, the long wait will be over as Ainz Ooal Gown will return on both the big and small screens.

“Completely new movie version production decision! ‘Holy Kingdom Edition’ is drawn,” it said in another tweet. “For other information, please wait for the follow-up report.”

The plotline, arc, and other details

Overlord Season 4 will cover the Ruler of Conspiracy arc, where Ainz will turn his newly-found kingdom into a utopia for all races.

However, as he wants to unite everyone, the other nations’ rulers oppose his proposal. From here, new conflicts will arise that will result in another intense battle in the series.

On the other hand, the movie will adapt the Paladin of Holy Kingdom arc, which is one of the manga’s major plotlines.

Here, the Holy Kingdom will need the help of Momon to fight the demi-humans invasion.

Production details and more

MADHOUSE, One Punch Man and Hunter x Hunter studio, will helm Overlord Season 4, Coming Soon noted.

However, it has yet to announce the official staff and crew that will handle the movie. Anyhow, director Naoyuki Ito is excited to announce their production work.

“At last, the fourth season of the anime and the theatrical movie is in production,” he said, via Funimation. “We are working hard to ensure that the show will be satisfying to both fans of the original versions and those who only follow the anime.”

He even teased that fans are “going to love it.”

Madhouse has adapted the series’ first three seasons, which have a total of 39 episodes. It also has two other movie adaptations that are all available on Funimation with English subtitles and dub.

So far, the franchise has yet to give an official release date for either Overlord Season 4 or movie, but it will surely come by the end of this year.

Featured image used courtesy of animelab/YouTube Screenshot

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