‘Overwatch 2’: Heroes that Blizzard should consider revamping


Overwatch 2 is currently in development and Blizzard is most likely busy testing out new heroes for the game. Of course, even the old heroes need some care and attention as well.

The upcoming Overwatch 2 will further expand the roster. It will also bring in some aesthetic changes to the heroes that we’ve come to know and love. We’ve already even seen the visual changes made to heroes like Tracer, Mei, Genji, and Reinhardt.

Blizzard should also use the upcoming sequel as an opportunity to revamp some of the problematic heroes in the game. It would best signify the turning of a new leaf. Here are some Overwatch heroes that need a dramatic revamp.


Since its launch, Bastion has become one of the most problematic heroes in the game. His problems lie within his ability to become a turret. While he is defenseless at this form, it’s actually hard to kill the bot still. Fans have long requested for Blizzard to change Bastion.

Some fans suggest that Bastion’s turret form should be a duration. Currently, players can stay in turret form for as long as they like. Giving it a duration will force players to think of other tactics other than just staying in one place.


As of this writing, Moira is still one of the toughest heroes to deal with for Blizzard. The problem is that Moira’s kit allows her to be a good DPS hero as well. For a support character, a lot of players do damage instead of heal.

For Overwatch 2, it’s time that Blizzard finally adds the right rework for Moira. Some fans suggest removing her basic attack’s latching capabilities. This would basically make it harder for her to deal with the damage.


It may not seem like it, but Reinhardt has become one of the problematic tanks. He’s a great main tank for matches. However, the problem is that there isn’t a lot of variety in his playstyle. Basically, players are often forced to just stand and protect allies.

Some players are suggesting that Reinhardt should have more capabilities to deal with the damage. This would give players the chance to fend for themselves when Reinhardt is facing off against hard counters.

There’s no exact release date for Overwatch 2In fact, Blizzard is yet to reveal more about the game since its announcement last year. Fans are hoping that the current restrictions aren’t affecting the development of the game.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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