‘Overwatch 2:’ Heroes we want to see next

Blizzard is set to introduce massive changes, including the introduction of new heroes, once the sequel to its popular game Overwatch arrives.

Currently, the next playable hero for Overwatch is the highly versatile damage per second (DPS) Echo.

According to Blizzard, this character will be the last hero for Overwatch before the sequel, Overwatch 2, is released.

Blizzard, however, has yet to reveal any release date for the second game but as there’s so much lore behind it, fans have already come up with speculations on who the next heroes could be.


As one of the original members of Overwatch, it should not be surprising that Sojourn will be joining the cast of playable characters soon. In fact, she’s already made several appearances in the game.

She appeared in the Overwatch short Recall, in Ana’s comic, and most importantly, she can be heard guiding players through the Storm Rising PVE event. Fans already know her backstory, her appearance, and her voice, so she could be one of the pioneer characters in Overwatch 2.


Mauga first appeared in the comics that showcased the background of Baptiste. From the look of things, Mauga is another tank character to join the ranks of Reinhardt and Zarya.

He was confirmed to be the 31st hero in the game but according to the developers, he was saved for Overwatch 2 instead. There’s a really high chance that he will be one of the launch characters for the game.

Junker Queen

The Junker Town faction is relatively small with only Wrecking Ball, Junkrat, and Roadhog representing the faction. One character that has been on the wishlist of many is Junker Queen, the leader of the infamous town.

She can be heard welcoming the players as they push the payload to Junker Town and beyond that, not much is known about this character. Despite this, fans are still hoping that she would eventually join the roster.

Jetpack Cat

As crazy as the idea may sound, a cat wearing a rocket-powered backpack fits well into the Overwatch lore. It was confirmed before that this cat was supposed to actually be a part of the game but the ideas were scratched eventually.

In the lore, the cat is owned by Torbjorn and Brigitte. It was part of the Brigitte tease before, leading people to believe that it will be eventually added to the game. As there’s already a concept for the hero, it’s not unlikely that it will join the Overwatch 2 roster.

We’re still possibly far from the release of Overwatch 2 but the fan base can’t help but speculate as to what will be coming in the sequel. Hopefully, these highly requested characters make the cut as well. Blizzard will need to up the ante now that they’ve got strong competition in Valorant.

Images courtesy of Blizzard.

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