‘Overwatch 2’ level borders will be getting tweaks

'Overwatch 2' hero levels will be getting tweaks

Since being revealed at Blizzcon last year, Overwatch 2 has become one of the most anticipated titles by gamers. A lot of new features are coming to Blizzard’s hit shooter, and there are more details about the game as well.

While player vs. player (PVP) battles are still the centers of Overwatch 2, it’s the new story mode that players are most excited about. Overwatch 2 will come packed with an assortment of cooperative missions that take the characters of the game into action-packed scenarios.

Aside from the story elements, players should still expect a lot of focus on multiplayer. The good thing is that Blizzard is looking to improve this as well.

One of the complaints with the game currently is how tacky player border looks in Overwatch. In a recent post, Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan announced that there are changes being made to how these borders will look.

New leveling changes confirmed

In response to a complaint on the Overwatch forum, Jeff Kaplan says, “currently, our plan is to change this system for ow2. We’ll find a way to recognize your accomplishments for those who care but the current plan is for those borders to go away and be replaced with a different system.”

From the look of things, players might be able to customize their character portraits in Overwatch 2. This is a big deal as the portraits have long been criticized by players. In fact, it is one of the chief complaints ever since the game released.

What could be the changes?

From the look of things, the level borders that players have been used to could be getting removed for the second game. This is a great thing, though, as now, players won’t be discriminated for their level. On the other hand, other players are dismayed at the fact that they won’t be able to show off their progress anymore.

What Blizzard could do is give players access to an assortment of customization tools to improve their own borders. The developer could also add border elements that can be unlocked when players make certain achievements with some heroes.

It’s great to hear that despite PVE being a strong part of Overwatchthey’re still looking to improve the life and blood of the game. We can expect more details from the developers as the months go on.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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