‘Overwatch 2’: Story elements that must be resolved in the sequel


Blizzard’s highly anticipated Overwatch 2 is set to bring in a lot of new features and elements to the popular shooter, but what fans are truly excited for is a continuation of the story. Now that the story is moving forward, there are some questions that fans want answered immediately.

Beyond the new features and content, Overwatch 2 is set to deliver what fans have been longing for a long time now, which is a continuation of the story established in the first game. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the first game, and here’s what fans want to know.

What happened to Hanzo?

One of the first cinematic shorts from Blizzard was the story between Hanzo and Genji’s reunion. In that short, it was revealed that Hanzo has deep regrets over what he did to his younger brother. In the end, we see Genji forgive his brother for trying to kill him in the past.

We’ve yet to know what happened to Hanzo after their confrontation. Moreover, we’ve never seen if Hanzo was a good or a bad guy. Hopefully, we get to know more about everyone’s favorite bowman in the sequel.

What is Sombra’s big secret?

Sombra is one of the most mysterious characters in the game. We’re sure that she has a bigger role in Overwatch 2 because of her involvement with Katya Volskaya. In her cinematic short, Sombra blackmails Volskaya into working with her, hinting that she knows a big secret.

Whatever this secret is, it’s big enough that even members of her team in Talon weren’t fully disclosed.

Is Widowmaker turning good?

In one of the graphic novels for the game, we get a glimpse of Widowmaker visiting the grave of her husband, who she once killed. This is weird considering how she has no sense of emotion or remorse after the brainwashing she went through.

It could’ve been a plot hole, but regardless, fans believe that the brainwashing effect on Widowmaker is clearing off. This is bad news for Talon as she serves as one of their key agents.

Overwatch 2 will push the game’s story forward, and fans are excited to see what’s next for their favorite heroes. We’ll likely see these conclusions through the game’s story missions, but Blizzard might also reveal more cinematic shorts detailed what is happening in the world they have created. It might only be a matter of time before we see more of the game.


Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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