‘Overwatch 2’ story in jeopardy after another writer quits?

Blizzard might be having trouble in paradise with regards to the development of Overwatch 2. While development on the game is still probably in full swing, fans are most concerned about where the story will take them next.

Although it’s mostly touted as a multiplayer shooter, there’s a lot of lore behind Overwatch. Overwatch 2 will even have a dedicated story mode that will push the game’s story forward after all these years. While these are great features for the sequel, there could be trouble brewing as another key writer for the game has left Blizzard.

Veteran writer quits

After two years with the company, veteran writer Alyssa Wong has left Blizzard, surprising her fans worldwide. Fans know her as the person who took up the mantle of Michael Chu, who also left the company. Both writers play a huge role in the development of Overwatch’s story. They certainly would have had a big hand in the development of the sequel’s story as well.

Alyssa was the person behind Baptiste’s ‘What You Left Behind’ short story. It was a hit with fans, and she was undoubtedly praised for it. Although she wasn’t exactly made as Chu’s direct successor, fans had hoped that she would eventually become the lead writer for Overwatch.

Why fans are concerned

Many fans believe that Michael and Alyssa are on the same wavelengths when it comes to writing for Overwatch. As such, they believe that the story will be consistent when it comes to Overwatch 2. 

Blizzard is yet to reveal what their plans are for the writing of the sequel, but for now, it seems like they aren’t profoundly affected by Michael and Alyssa’s departure. There’s a good chance that both writers have already contributed a lot to the story of the upcoming sequel before leaving.

On the bright side, it looks like the writer left Blizzard without any ill will. She also didn’t say why she departed the company. Fans are kind enough to wish her on her journey as they are sure that she has more upcoming projects in the works.

Overwatch 2 may be a multiplayer-focused shooter, but fans are hoping that the story mode can be up-to-par with other elements of the game. The departure of two great Blizzard writers could affect the quality of the sequel’s story. Hopefully, Blizzard is capable of sorting things out before the game launches.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/YouTube

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