‘Overwatch’ a dead game? Financial report begs to differ

'Overwatch' players want to see Mei banned ASAP

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been out for years now, but it seems like the game isn’t as popular as it used to be. Many are calling the title as a dead game, but it seems like that’s far from reality based on a new financial report.

Since launching in 2016, it’s no longer a secret that Blizzard’s Overwatch is less popular than it used to be. Players have been spending more time waiting for queues. However, a new financial report from Blizzard suggests that the game is far from being what many consider as dead.

Millions of players logging in

As per the recent financial report of Blizzard, there are at least 10 million players logging in monthly for the game. This has surprised many as the game has been considered as barren – or lacking in players for a while now. Considering that there hasn’t been any substantial major content like a new character or map since March, the numbers are great.

The game is over four years old now. Despite this, Blizzard is able to maintain a healthy fanbase through regular seasonal events that reward players with skins and other cosmetics. Hopefully, Blizzard can still keep this up for Overwatch in the next couple of months.

Game queues have been considerably longer. However, this could be due to role queueing.

Sequel incoming

The number of players in the game spells good news for Blizzard. The sequel to the shooter is currently in the works though we’ve yet to know exactly this will launch. With good numbers ahead of it, the sequel will be riding a good momentum.

The upcoming sequel will have a ton of new content. New characters, maps, and game modes, just to name a few. Perhaps the biggest addition to the game is a new PVE mode, which pushes the story of the game forward.

Pros and fans of the game suggests that the sequel will put more emphasis on the PVE mode. This is to ensure that the game is able to appeal to casual fans as well. Hopefully, Blizzard adds a lot of story content, as this will help the game get more players.

With Overwatch 2 in the works, we’re sure that the game will get more players eventually. Blizzard should really consider making the game free-to-play, as this will certainly expand the player count further. However, it seems unlikely that they’ll be doing that anytime soon.


Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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