‘Overwatch’ Anniversary Event: Best way to farm loot boxes


We’re past the halfway mark of the Overwatch Anniversary event. Unless players have been grinding heavily over the last few days, there’s a good chance they’ve already gotten all that they want to get during the event.

The Overwatch Anniversary not only introduces new cosmetics to collect, but it also brings back all of the collectible goodies from previous events. That means players are busy collecting those important loot boxes. Here’s how to easily grind for them before the event ends.

Play in a group

Playing in a group adds an extra 20% experience for players. This means if they’ve got friends to play the game with, it’s advisable to invite them for those extra points. Alternatively, players can also invite the random players they match up with into their group. It doesn’t matter if the players are friends on Overwatch. So long as they are in the same group, the bonus will be initiated.

However, it’s important to start the first game with a group first as players also get some bonus experience for their first match. If they are able to win the first match with friends, then they could get over 10,000 experience points easily.

Win and play in the Arcade

Players get rewarded for every three wins in the Arcade. During the Overwatch Anniversary event, seasonal brawls like Lucio Brawl, Mei Snowball, and the Archives PVE modes will be on rotation as well. This means there are many ways for players to enjoy the arcade. In total, players can get up to three loot boxes per week by playing in the arcade.

It’s also worth noting that players will get an additional loot box if they are able to complete a brawl or an Arcade mode for the first time.

Switch role queues

Players can pick from the three roles before starting a match. If the players on certain roles are small, then players can be rewarded with a loot box for queueing in those roles. What’s worth noting though, is that players will only be rewarded with the regular loot box and not the anniversary loot box.

The Overwatch Anniversary runs until June 9, and players only have a few days left to grind for loot boxes. The Masked Man McCree skin will also be available at the weekly challenge, so players need to rack up those nine wins if they want the exclusive skin, spray, and player icon.


Image used courtesy of Pe3k/Shutterstock

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