‘Overwatch’ Anniversary Event: Every Skin confirmed so far

In just a few more days, Overwatch will be celebrating its fourth anniversary, and players know what to expect from the event. There are a lot of things coming with the Overwatch Anniversary Event, but what players are after are the skins for their favorite heroes.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will start on May 19, and it will last through June 9. The event will make all previous seasonal skins available in loot boxes as well as through purchases so players can catch up on some of the skins they’ve missed out on. Of course, what’s important are the new skins coming at the event.

Confirmed event skins

Blizzard has already revealed some of the exciting skins coming with the update. First to be revealed was Little Red Ashe. The skins are based on Little Red Riding Hood, which makes Ashe clad in red this time around. What’s great about the skin, though, is that even B.O.B gets a piece of the action as he’s dressed as the big bad wolf.

The next skin to be revealed was Masquerade Reaper, which turns the damage hero’s clothes into a shade of bright red. Blizzard has also unveiled Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta and Dragoon Mercy to collect for the upcoming event. As these are new legendary skins, players can buy them for 3000 credits each. As we are still a day away from the event, Overwatch could still have one skin to show off.

Weekly Challenge Skins

As with past seasonal events, the Overwatch Anniversary Event will also have weekly challenge skin. The weekly challenge requires players to win a total of 9 matches each. The matches can be from any mode except for those in the Game Browser. Apart from skins, players will also gain access to special player icons and stickers as well.

The challenge skins coming to the event according to leaks are Masked Man McCree, Fleur de lis Widowmaker, and Carbon Fiber Sigma.

New mythical skins?

Currently, there are Common, Rare, and Legendary skins in the game. There are rumors going around that a new category called Mythical skins will be introduced during the event as well. These are skins that are around for a limited time but aren’t a part of seasonal events. That being said, the first Mythical skin to be introduced is 2018’s wildly popular Pink Mercy.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event is shaping up to be something big. That should be the case as this is the game’s fourth anniversary now. We only have a few days left to wait before we see what’s in store.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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