‘Overwatch’ anniversary event: Everything we know so far

Overwatch is about to reach its fourth birthday soon, and that means a lot for fans. That’s because they have the Overwatch Anniversary Event to look forward to soon.

Although Blizzard is yet to officially unveil the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary Event, fans already know what to expect. Thanks to a few leaks, however, we now know some of the cosmetic items that players can collect by next week. Here’s everything we know about the event so far.

Start date

Going by previous dates of past anniversary events in Overwatch, it’s safe to say that this year’s iteration will run from May 21 up until the second week of June. However, as Blizzard is yet to reveal the actual dates, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt.

New skins

Since the event is only a few days away from now, we can expect Blizzard to begin unveiling the upcoming skins anytime soon. However, some leaks have already unveiled what kind of skins we are getting during the anticipated event.

The highlight skins of this event is allegedly Masquerade Reaper, Dragoon Mercy, and Little Red Ashe. While the leaks look pretty legitimate, fans still have their doubts about it. It was only a year ago that a mock-up skin for Masquerade Reaper was made by a fan. It seems odd that a year later, Blizzard would be releasing the exact same skin.

Event challenges are going to be present as well, so players will need to accumulate a total of nine wins per week to get some exclusive skins. For the Overwatch Anniversary Event, those skins are Carbon Fiber Sigma, Fleur de is Widowmaker, and Masked Man McCree.

Again, as these are unverified leaks, players should take it with a grain of salt for now. However, the alleged leaks come from a post that was mistakenly put out by Blizzard but was removed immediately.

What else is there?

The anniversary event will also bring back skins from previous events in the game. As early as now, players should begin stocking up on credits so that they can buy the skins when the event launches.

During the event, players will also be able to participate in the game modes that are available during past events in the game.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will be unveiled soon, and fans are already excited. Hopefully, we get more skins that what was leaked, but the current offerings are already exciting nonetheless.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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