‘Overwatch’ Anniversary Event now live

After the long wait, Blizzard has finally kickstarted the Overwatch Anniversary event, which will last until June 9. Seeing as this is the fourth year of the game, we are getting more exciting content and cosmetics in the game.

Now that the 2020 Overwatch Anniversary event is up, players should begin grinding for those lootboxes in the game. There’s a lot to collect and get into the new event, and here’s everything that players should expect now that it’s live.

Legendary skins now live

The new legendary skins for Mercy, Reaper, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Zenyatta are now available. These skins can be bought in the in-game shop for 3000 coins, but players can take their luck for a spin with lootboxes as well. Upon starting the game, players are rewarded with a free anniversary lootbox for free.

As early as now, players can also begin weekly challenges. For this week, players can get the new Carbon Fiber Sigma skin after getting a total of nine wins. Players will also get a spray and a player icon based on the Carbon Fiber Sigma skin for winning three and six times. Those wins can be from any mode aside from those in Game Browser.

In the following weeks, there will be new challenges as well. After Carbon Fiber Sigma, players should expect either Masked Man McCree or Fleur de lis Widowmaker’s challenges to go live.

Previous seasonal content available

What’s special about the Overwatch Anniversary event is that all content from previous seasonal events will become available as well. Skins from the Summer Games, Halloween, Archives, and others can be bought or collected in lootboxes as well. Legendary skins that are released this year will be priced at 3000 coins, while those released earlier will be 1000 coins each.

The game modes from the previous event will rotate daily as well. Today, players can play Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge. Players who missed out on these limited-time modes should try them out. What players are eyeing to jump into once again are the PVE modes in Archives.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will launch until June, although the event started on May 19, the actual anniversary of the game’s release on May 24. After this event, players will have to look forward to the Summer Games, which happens during the last week of July. There will be new skins up for grabs during that event as well.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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